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Turbo VPN App Review | Best Free-to-Use VPN App

You need a VPN service to extend a private network across a public network and to send and receive data across shared or public networks, and if you are already searching for one, you must have come across the number of apps available for free. Many of these free apps are good for nothing and shows a lot of ADs, which eventually irritates the user. Already facing this? Don’t worry, we have searched a lot of free VPN apps available on Android and iOS and finally came across with the Turbo VPN. And why we are going with this app, you will get to know when you proceed reading.

Turbo VPN Features –

Turbo VPN is free to download app, available for both Android and iOS platform. Below, we have mentioned the features which will explain, why we have selected Turbo VPN over other free VPN apps.


App User Interface –

Starting with one of the most important factors, the user interface of the app. The Turbo VPN comes with the design which is simplest of all and easy to use, and not only this, the app is quite smooth to operate. On opening the app, firstly you will see a switch which connects you to the fastest server and gives you a VPN connection. Turbo VPN connects you to the fastest server available however, you can change the server location accordingly.

Another app feature, that is worth mentioning in the post, is the kill switch, which will disconnect the VPN connection of your device on single tap only. Not only this, the dialogue box appears when the notification is selected, which allows user to configure the VPN settings without opening the main app again and again.

Turbo VPN Review

Security and Privacy

If you have ever searched for any VPN app in the app store, you would find a number of free VPN app, but with any of the free apps you won’t surety for security and privacy, and this could be a serious problem, if you have to use the app for some really important work, and we are pretty sure, you have no plans to face any of these issues. Whereas, we haven’t detected any of these problems with the Turbo VPN app. When connected, Turbo VPN doesn’t allow any foreign connection with the device, it encrypts the connection and not only this, it maintains the privacy by hiding the real IP address.


Fast Server Connection –

Coming on to another important part, that you should definitely look out if you using a VPN app, that is, the server connection speed. Turbo VPN provides really fast server connection speed, first of all, it automatically connects you to the fastest server available according to your location and internet connection. And if you want to get connected to the server of different location or servers in another country, Turbo VPN connects you to the selected server in few seconds. And even after connecting to another foreign server, you won’t face any drop in connection speed at all, and you can continuously use the internet without any interruptions.


Server Locations –

VPN app is used to create a virtual connection to the server with a different location. And Turbo VPN allows you a lot of options to get connected. As we have mentioned earlier, Turbo VPN connects you to the fastest server by default, but you can also choose from a long list of servers with different locations. Turbo VPN provides the server location like Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, and a lot more, and all of these are for free. There is a paid version of the app, which provides you with another long list of server location, you can also try the paid version.


Paid Version Features-

The Turbo VPN can be downloaded for free of cost, however, there is a paid version of the app, called VIP Turbo. The VIP version of the app makes the app AD free, where you will be getting access to other server locations too, as mentioned earlier, and also, the paid version supports the linking of up to 5 devices.

Talking about the cost of subscription, the one-month subscription to the VIP Turbo VPN will cost you around 11.23 USD, also, you can go for the one-year subscription, where you need to pay 32.68 USD and you will save 75% on it.


Pros –

  • Easy to use
  • Fast connection
  • Free to access server locations
  • One tap connection

Cons –

  • Doesn’t remember the last server choice for the one tap connection feature.

(No other major issues found in the app during our usage)




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