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How to Turn on Flashlight on Android Phone | 7 Ways To turn Flashlight On

How to Turn on Flashlight on Android device | 7 Ways To turn On Flashlight | turn Flashlight on | Turn on Flashlight on Android Smartphone

The smartphone with their evolution has changed the world a lot. Today a modern smartphone is more powerful than the supercomputers in 1900’s. A single smartphone is capable of doing work of hundreds of devices, whether it is a radio,mp3 player, wired telephone, clock, Camera, torch, etc. Everything is just packed inside this compact device.

However, today we are here to discuss the flashlight or LED light on smartphones. The flashlight on a smartphone is not only useful for taking pictures in low-light conditions. It can also serve as a torch in the night. But how exactly can you turn on flashlight on your Android smartphone? Well, there can be a number of ways. Here we have listed a number of ways to turn on LED flashlight on Android smartphone whenever you want.

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The process to turn on the flashlight on the Android is quite simple and straightforward, But some new users may face a problem, to turn on the flashlight on their smartphones, you just have to make a few clicks and LED flashlight will be turned on. So read Further to Know How to turn on Flashlight on iphone.

Method 1. Turn on flashlight with the quick toggle

With the introduction of the Android 5.0 Google has integrated the flashlight option directly in the notification bar. So to turn on the flashlight, you just have to pull the notification bar and see the flashlight option and simply tap on it to turn it on and tap again to turn it off.

turn flashlight on ToggleWhile most of the OEMs will provide this feature, not all of them do. In case you can’t find the option for flashlight in the notification bar then follow the procedure given below.

Here are the Steps to Turn on the Flashlight on Android device :

Step 1. Pull down the notification bar and look for the flashlight icon and tap once to turn it on and tap again to turn it off.

Step 2. If the flashlight option is not present, then it could be that it is hidden. So you have to add it manually, to add it pull down the notification bar and tap on the “Edit” icon for the notification bar, after that a number of other toggles will be present, if the flashlight icon is present there, then just drag and drop it above to the toggles currently in action.

If the toggle is still not there, then try out other options listed below.

Method 2: Turn on flashlight in Android Using a dedicated app ( shaking Your Phone)

In case you don’t have an option to turn on flashlight in the notification bar, then there must a dedicated app in your smartphone. If that is also not present, you have to download a 3rd party app from the play store. Don’t worry most the are free of cost and have a number of other options too.

Shake Flashlight is a solid choice. It won’t cost you a dime and is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is download it to your device, open it, and whenever you want to turn on flashlight mode you just lightly shake the device. The other option is to open the app and turn on flashlight mode by tapping the power icon, but you’ll want to stick with the shake method if you want to get the job done faster. To get the app, visit the Play Store via the button below.


In case you don’t like Shake Flashlight, there are a number of other apps available that do the same thing.

Here are the steps to turn flashlight on using a dedicated app:

Step 1: First of all, open the play store and Download and install Shake Flashlight or any other app you like to your phone.

Step 2: Now, Open the app (you only have to do this once, right after you install it).

Step 3: Now you just have to lightly shake your smartphone to turn on flashlight mode.

Option 3: Turn flashlight on Using Google Assistant :

With the debut of the first Generation pixel smartphone, Google Assistant came into the market which allows you to control your phone Using voice as well as type commands. The Google Assistant is now available all smartphone running on Android 6.0 or above and is quite smart and quick in doing a number of things whether you want to play music, text or even call someone, weather update and of course it can turn on the flashlight of your phone.

To launch the Google Assistant, just Say OK Google if you have enabled the option otherwise long-press the home button and it will pop up on your screen. After that, just say “Okay, Google, turn on the flashlight,” and the virtual assistant should instantly turn the flashlight on. When you don’t need to use it anymore, just say, “Okay, Google, turn off the flashlight.”How to Turn On flashlight using Google AssistantIn case you are in a situation where can’t speak or anything else, you also type the command ” turn flashlight on” after enabling the Assistant.

Here are the Steps to turn flashlight on using Google Assistant :

Step 1: Long press the home button to launch Google Assistant.

Step 2: Say, “Okay, Google, turn on the flashlight.”

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Method 4: Turn on Flashlight Using gestures 

This feature to turn flashlight on is limited to a number of devices. If you have a OnePlus device, the process of turning on the flashlight is extremely simple and fast. All you have to do is draw the letter V on the screen with your finger while it’s turned off. But before you can do that, you have to enable the function by heading into the settings menu.

Step 1: Open the settings menu on your OnePlus device.

Step 2: Now Tap on “Gestures.”

Step 3:  Here Enable the “Toggle flashlight” option.

Step 4: Once enabled, Simply draw a V on the screen with your finger while it’s turned off.

Method 5: Using Your Volume Keys

This is most convenient option to turn on the LED flashlight of your phone as nothing is better than a dedicated button for a certain action. With the Torchie app, you can press both the volume buttons at a time to turn the torch/flashlight on qu.ickly

Once installed, the app will require you to toggle it on within your Accessibility services. And if you want to use it while your phone’s display is off, you’ll want to go to the app’s settings to see if it’s toggled on.

Method 6: Press Your Power Button

If you don’t like to press both the volume buttons at a time then, the power button is another fastest and most convenient way to spark your torch is with the Power Button Flashlight/Torch app. Once you install it, all you need to do is press the power button on your phone three times in rapid succession to activate the flashlight.

Method 7: Tap a Widget 

The above methods are the most used and most quick to turn your torch on or the Flashlight on your Android smartphone, but they can sometimes not work and some even cause potential battery drain. However, next method is to use a widget, and if your phone or tablet doesn’t have a flashlight toggle built in already, We recommend you to download the Flashlight Widget.

After downloading and installing the app, All you need to do is place the widget on your home screen where you are most convenient and tap it the next time you want to turn the flashlight on. Tapping it again will turn it off.

So these were some of the ways to turn on the Flashlight on your Android using different tricks and Apps. if you have any further problem, then feel free to mention in the comments section below, we would love to help you.

How to Turn on Flashlight on Android device | 7 Ways To turn On Flashlight | turn Flashlight on | Turn on Flashlight on Android Smartphone

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