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Turn your live location map into wallpaper with skyline app.

If you want to turn your wallpaper into your live location then here’s a new Android app called Skyline , that turns your location into wallpaper as first spotted by Lifehacker

 Skyline - Live Wallpaper With Global 3D Terrain- screenshot

Turn your live location map into wallpaper

The app was created by the Justin Fincher .Satellite and aerial photos are used to create the images of any location .So, when you slide or rotate your phone the image/wallpaper shifts slightly.

GPS is used to locate your exact location and you can also zoom in or out for framing the perfect wallpaper and using settings of the app you can also switch on the depth effects and if your device is running of the latest Android Oreo 8.1 then the menus colors will change to match with your current terrain.

Skyline costs $1.99 (Rs 130) in the Google Play Store, which is reasonable for such an impressive wallpaper app.


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