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TVF Kota Factory Review : TVF masterfully depicts the Colorless life of Students in Kota

TVF has released the first episode of its new web series Kota Factory, covering the life of aspiring students who enroll in coaching classes to crack the IIT JEE exam.

The series lead character is Vaibhav (Mayur More), who has come to Kota after his 10th board exam to join Maheshwari Coaching classes which is regarded as the best institute for cracking IIT-JEE exam.

But instead of Maheshwari, he has to take admission in another institute as he was late for admission. The series showcases how a city got converted into a factory where lakhs of students take admissions each year in the coaching centers following their ambition to crack the exam. The rise of these coaching centers has also bloomed new businesses like Food Mess and PG’s in the surrounding area.

Kota Factory Review

TVF Kota Factory

After enrolling in Prodigy Classes, Vaibhav starts living in a PG, where he meets Meena, who is in the same institute as Vaibhav. Anyone who has lived in PG in his or her life can easily correlate with the vibes of the show, where we usually have strict PG aunty and how roommates stay, eat and study together.

If you have prepared for any exam with the help of a coaching centre, you must understand that each centre usually has one famous sir. Similarly, Prodigy classes has Jeetu (Jitendra Kumar) sir, who reminds us of Rancho from Three Idiots movie, he is a brilliant physics teacher, but yet happy going, practical and gels well with students. In the first episode, we will see, how Jeetu sir cracks down the myth of Kota culture from Vaibhav’s mind.

In the next episode of the show, we can expect to learn more about Vaibhav’s journey in Kota and the emergence of some new characters.

It really wonders me, how TVF always picks a topic connected to a mediocre family and presents it appealingly and subtly.

Talking about the cinematography of the Kota Factory, it takes you to the 60s era, as its black and white colour palette represents the colorless life of these students running in the race. The show has been directed by Raghav Subbu who has also previously worked on TVF Pitchers.


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