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TVF Organised Yeh Meri Family Screening Event In Delhi

TVF, Yeh Meri Family Screening

TVF recently organised a splendid screening premiere for its aired series Yeh Meri Family. The series is said to be a seven-episode family dramedy which will take us to the summer vacations of our childhood. Yess you read it right, presented by Mutual Funds Life Sahi Hai this series is a TVF Original web-series, Yeh Meri Family takes you back 20 years, to a simpler time in the home of the Guptas, in the summer of 1998.

Yeh Meri Family is all about an absolute 90’s feel which is gonna be a treat to watch. TVF Yeh Meri Family is about a family which consists of 5 members and handles everything amicably sharing an unbreakable and lovely bond. The series is said to have seven episodes and will showcase the simplicity and purity in conflicts, emotions and their bond. Set in the backdrop of Jaipur over the events of summer vacations of 1998 promises to make you feel nostalgic. The spectacular screening was honoured by eminent Mona Singh and Mr Sameer Saxena, (director, CCO and Head-TVF originals) along with acclaimed YouTubers who spared their time to be a part of this happening screening and rendezvous.

TVF, Yeh Meri Family Screening

In an interview with VoStory, Sameer Saxena, director, CCO and Head-TVF originals. On sharing his journey with TVF and how they started he said that TVF was formed when a group of college fuchsias came together as he and his friends were college mates and it’s been an appreciable and distinguished journey. He also shared with us that TVF has many shows lined up to entertain their audience with different genres like comedy, drama and many more. The concept behind Yeh Meri Family is pretty much engaging and it was a bombastic idea to come up with something which isn’t produced on big screen till date, he added.

Tvf, Yeh Meri Family Screening

Mona Singh, on sharing her experience with the show said she always reads scripts and it’s unfailingly been great for her for being a part of such family shows.  On praising online media she said that online media is an exceptionally outstanding platform to express freely what precisely you want to and even her mom has started downloading the apps and intriguingly started watching series. She recently watched Lust Stories on Netflix and complimented it admiringly. On the whole, she is contented to be a part of TVF and Yeh Meri Family, she added.


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