TVF Yeh Meri Family Nudges 5 Summer Vacation Things That Every 90’s Kid Miss

TVF Yeh Meri Family is an arrestingly spectacular 90’s family dramedy which transports you to the time when you were a kid and makes you both remember and miss the things you used to engage in during your summer vacations. Directed by Sameer Saxena, Yeh Meri Family nudges 5 summer vacation things that every 90’s kids miss. Have a look:-

  1. When Electricity used to come back after Untimely Powercut.

TVF Yeh Meri Family

The series reminded us of the days when there used to be an erratic power supply and it was difficult to pass the time because first, it is summer and then power cut. We used to praise the lord when power use to come back, amusing.

2. Only Absorbing Indoor Game, WWF Cards.

TVF Yeh Meri Family

Nothing can replace the craze for the collection of WWF cards and dare if somebody even asks for them.

3. Birthday Celebration With Family

TVF Yeh Meri Family

Throwing a party to our friends has become quite a trend nowadays but still, somewhere we feel that something is left and after watching Yeh Meri Family I understood what we miss.

4. Getting Up Early In The Morning Even In Summer Vacations.

TVF Yeh Meri Family

Last day of school before summer vacations used to be so memorable but more exciting not because schools will be off but we would get up late. This excitement used to shatter in no time when mom used to ask us to get up early in the morning and take bath.

5. Rebuke and then the love we used to get to turn the things better.

TVF Yeh Meri Family

We have heard this lot many times from various sources that rebuke hides love within and that’s way too much right because this is the time of intolerant people and now no one scolds you for some wrong you have done but parents used to care for us a lot and they still do so they used to rebuke this we understand today when some of us are married and have kids while some of us are learning from our experiences. But that pamper after the scoldings is something incomparable and beyond everything else.

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