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TVF Yeh Meri Family new web series announced

TVF (The Viral Fever) is an online YouTube channel started by TVF media labs and is known for its stupendous web series and content like Permanent Roommates. TVF Tripling and Bachelors. TVF has now announced its forthcoming web series titled as Yeh Meri Family in association with AMFI (Association Of Mutual Funds In India) again. The series is directed by Sameer Saxena and penned down by Saurabh Khanna is a family dramedy.

TVF Yeh Meri Family is about a family which consists of 5 members and handles everything amicably sharing an unbreakable and lovely bond. The series is said to have seven episodes and will showcase the simplicity and purity in conflicts, emotions and their bond. Set in the backdrop of Jaipur over the events of summer vacations of 1998 promises to make you feel nostalgic. The series features Mona Singh as peculiar 90’s mom and an apple of everybody’s eye, Vishesh Bansal as Harshu- a 12-year-old quick-witted boy, Ahaan Nirban as Dabbu – a 15-year-old Adarsh beta and Ruhi Khan as Chitti- a 5-year-old sweet girl. Every character makes the family and its dramedy alive in their own way. Yeh Meri Life will drop on TVF’s YouTube channel on 12th July.

TVF Yeh Meri Family

TVF Originals TVF’s Chief Content Officer and Head Sameer Saxena said, “Yeh Meri Family is one of our biggest original web series till date and something that the TVF team is really excited about. We have put a lot of heart and soul in this show for the content to resonate with viewers. Set in the 90s and peppered with incidents that will make everyone smile and fondly remember their days gone by, along with characters that every single person can relate to, the show will have a universal appeal. It can and should be watched with the entire family. In the past, TVF gave a new direction to web entertainment with Pitchers, reinvented romantic comedies for India with Permanent Roommates, and gave road trips a new turn with Tripling. Now, with Yeh Meri Family, we intend to give a whole new dimension to family shows.”

TVF Yeh Meri Family

TVF Yeh Meri Family

Brand Solutions Director Vyom Charaya said, “Yeh Meri Family is a back-to-our-roots story told straight from TVF’s heart. Set in the late 90s, the show explores the sensibilities of a quintessential Indian family as seen through the eyes of a 12-year old boy. Every episode explores how strong Indian family relationships are formed as the boy grows to adulthood. The affable father, played by Akarsh Khurana, runs a financial services business and is shown as a strong advocate of long-term investment in mutual funds making the story a great fit for our partners, Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), as part of their ‘Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’ campaign. With its potent mix of nostalgia and coming of age, we are sure the show will strike a chord with the 90s kids, an audience that is prime for mutual funds investments in 2018.” ( quoted from television post)


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