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Twitter will Judge Verified Users’ Offline Behavior.

Twitter recently announced that it is going to change the way it has been handling out ‘verified’ badges to its users, and that it would remove badges from some accounts rather than banning them, according to updated rules.

Twitter will Judge Verified Users' Offline Behavior.
Source:- Twitter

Now, the company has specified how it’ll decide revoking twitter badges and banning accounts. Apparently, Twitter will monitor (to some extent) verified users’ offline behavior. So, if a verified user is tweeting harmless things, but organizing hate rallies in real life, they’ll not be banned from Twitter but their verified badge will be removed.

CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted on Nov. 9th,”Our agents have been following our verification policy correctly, but we realized some time ago thesystem is broken and needs to be reconsidered.”

Twitter will Judge Verified Users' Offline Behavior.

So, now onwards Twitter will verify the new accounts on the basis of new rules. Previously, the verification program existed only to authenticate the identities of high-profile Twitter users, which got changed in January 2016, when the company stripped far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos of his verified Twitter badge. And Twitter will verify the 3,00,000 verified accounts again, on the basis of new policy.


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