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New 3D Models hints addition of Two New Legends to Apex Legends

Apex Legends players are waiting for Respawn Entertainment to drop the next major content update. The game initially sky-rocketed to success, but now the game is lagging behind its rival Fortnite due to fewer content updates.

Respawn has already confirmed that new game modes for the game which has really excited players. Now a new leak suggests that we might see the inclusion of two new legends to the game.

Although information on both these legends is currently very scarce, but their 3D render models are available straight from the art station.

The two new legends which might become the part of the game include Blisk and Barker. Currently, there is no information on their release date, but we can expect to become part of the next major update.

Check out the 3D rendering of Blisk and Barker down below.


Apex Legends

Currently, it is very hard to tell what Respawn Entertainment is actually planning. The release of the Season 1 Battle Pass for Apex Legends did not receive a good response from the audience. So it has made Respawn very cautious about the game updates.


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