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Tyloo proceeds to the grand final of IEM Shanghai 2018

In an epic semi-final, Tyloo proceeded to the finals of IEM Shanghai 2018. The match was fought as best of three between both the teams, which included three maps Train, Cache and Inferno.

Tyloo did not lose their calm and managed to snatch two maps including Train 22-20 and Cache 22-18. But they lost on Inferno to

IEM Shanghai Tyloo Vs Match Analysis.

TyLoo 2-1 ( IEM Shanghai 2018)

Train: 22-20
Inferno: 9-16
Cache: 22-18

IEM Shanghai 2018

In the first map train, both teams gave their best shot with the scoreline of Tyloo winning the first half by 8:7 on CT side but in the second half score came out as replica of first half, as Tyloo also managed to win 7: 8 is on CT side in the second half of the first map, which resulted in match going to extra time. In the extra time of the first map, Tyloo managed to emerge as the winner by doing some clinical kills and finishing the scoreline 22:20. pashaBiceps from snatched the most number of kills on the map train.

IEM Shanghai 2018

Coming onto the second map, played brilliantly and with their performance, they stated that they won’t give up so easily.

Tyloo playing as the Terrorist in the first half of the second map lost to 5:10 and they could not make any comeback even in the second half of the Inferno map and losing the second half to by a scoreline of 4:6. This equalizer gave some confidence to plan and play with positivity on the third map. Neo from snatched the most number of kills on the second map with a total of 25.

IEM Shanghai 2018

On the third map Cache, Tyloo and both teams played magnificently but in the end, Tyloo managed to proceed to the finals, with the final scoreline of 22-18.

The third round also went into overtime, with a similar scoreline of 8:7 and 7:8 as we have observed on the first map. But in both extra time, Tyloo kept their composure and came out victorious. On the final map, MICHU got the most number of kills with a total of 35.

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