India is a huge market, which is widely known, infact all around the world that’s why all the major foreign companies have their offices in India, and some are interested in doing so. But the gaming sector is still under the development stage in India. India has potentially lots of potential gamers and are seeking relevant platform their growth. The growth of Indian gaming can also be contributed to the thought process of the Indian society and parents. We have often seen, there is a great detest among Indian parents when their kids are sticking to the computer screen for hours or want to purse as professional gamer. This could change in the coming future as lots of events and competitions are know taking place all across India for the encouragement and development of E-Sports in India. While talking about the developed countries like USA, there are lot of organisations and companies which hold global competition and events where professional gamers can take part and earn a good amount of money. These types of events & competitions encourage gamers to take their passion to the professional stage.

UCypher Indian Esports Gaming League

UCypher Gaming League on MTV India, 19 Jan 2018

Ronnie Screwvala & Supratik Sen(CEO -USports) has understand the voice of Indian gamers and launching a television gaming league “UCypher” which will be showcased on MTV India from 19th January at 10 pm. They have recognised the potential of Indian gaming and E-Sports in India. With the launch of this gaming league on the channel which is quite popular among youth will leads to further development of E-SPORTS in the Indian society.

UCypher Indian Esports Gaming League

UCypher teams & Format

The televised league will feature four games in the Season 1 with total of 37 episodes. The four games which has been included in this season are : Counter Strike : Global Offensive, Dota 2, Tekken 7 and Real Cricket 17. The gaming league will feature some top level team and players from Indian gaming community of CS:GO and Dota 2 likes of Team Brutality, SemperX/Destructive 5 , Oblique Gaming, NeckBREAK – Remstar, Acrid and Cyberhen. The league will feature total of 72 players, further divided between 6 teams which will include 12 players per team. The captain of 6 team will pick out 12 player squad for all the respective games (CS:GO, Dota2 , Tekken 7, Real Cricket 17). The gaming league has an estimated budget of 50-100 crore & the winning team will take 50 lakhs. All the other team will also have their share & amount of money for participation.

We certainly hope by the means of MTV India platform, we will see gradual rise in the development of gaming & E-Sports in India.

UCypher TV Schedule & Timings

19 January, 2018 at 10 pm on MTV India

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