It has been an epic & enthralling E-Sports competition which has taken place in India at such a grand stage. UCypher, an initiative from Usports by it’s CEO Ronnie Screwvala has been telecasted nationwide on MTV India. This huge platform for Indian gaming will boost the enthusiasm of gamer’s and allow them to take gaming as a proper profession which has been taboo in the Indian society

Ucypher Season 1 Finale Yakshas Vs Sherdils

The season 1 of UCypher has come to an end with grandiloquent finale between the two finalists Sherdils and Yakshas. Initially, the tournament was staged up by 6 teams Akaramaks, Crusaders, Sherdils, Yakshas, Marksmen & Yodhas. The tournament was played in two round-robin format and four games were selected for the competition within the team. The four games include Tekken 7 ( 3 points), Real Cricket 17 (3 points), CS GO ( 5 Points) & Dota 2 (5 points). The team Yakshas was led to finals under the captaincy of Vivek Gore ( Acrid) and Sherdils followed their road to the finals with Ritesh Shah ( RITZ) as their captain.

The first round of the epic finale begins with the game Tekken 7. The two players Jaunty Tank & Hans had a splendid run throughout the tournament with their lead player Kristina & Jack 7 respectively. Hans snatched the straight 3-0 win in the set of 5 games for Tekken 7 giving Sherdils the lead of 3 points in total.

Ucypher Season 1

The second game begins with popular Counter-Strike : Global Offensive face-off between the two teams. Firstly, a knife round was played to select the respective sides. Sherdils won the knife round and selected to play as Counter terrorist on the train map. Sherdils again outperformed the Yakshas with a clear 16-10 win in the total of 30 rounds. The team getting 16 matches to win in the round of 30 matches had to be taken as the winner of CS: GO

Ucypher Season 1

Now Sherdils was clearly dominating the final but the next game marked the twist in this grand finale.

Ucypher Season 1

The next game Real Cricket 17, an android game in which 6 balls will be given to each player and the player who will score more runs will win the game. The game took place between aggressive Anup Singh & IBOT Shubhum. Anup scored 28 runs in 6 balls and chasing it down IBOT scored 29 run target in just 5 balls giving his team a much-needed comeback with 3 points.

Ucypher Season 1

Next, the battle goes onto the Dota 2 game, which is a multiplayer game in which each side select 5 of its heroes to defeat and destroy the towers of the enemy’s team. Yakshas grab the win in this game and levelling the score to the total of 8 points for both the teams.

Now here comes the tiebreaker, leaving you gasping for breath. At this point one multiplayer game will be selected & played again, whosoever wins the game will emerge as the UCypher winner of Season 1. Both the teams fight neck to neck and reach at a tie of CS:GO reaching 15-15 and taking the game to overtime, & in the second event of things Yakshas manages to take the advantage of 4 points with the final score of 22-18 and comes out as the winner of the grand finale of Ucypher Season 1

At the end, we had an award ceremony, which also has the winners from individual games

Best Tekken playerHans Gupta (HANS025) For not dropping single 
                              Tekken 7 game in the tournament

Best Real Cricket PlayerShubham More ( IBot )

Best Dota 2 team - The Yakshas & Yodhas

Best CS Go team - Akramaks

Most valuable player - Hans Gupta (HANS025) For not dropping a single 
                                Tekken 7  game in the tournament

The Gamer's gamer - Rishabh Eleven Vaid ( Yodhas)

The Runner's Up of Tournament -Team Sherdils(Prize Money 12 Lakhs)

The Winner of Ucypher Season 1Team Yakshas (Prize money 20 Lakhs)


Ucypher Season 2 Registrations

The registrations for the season 2 of the Ucypher has already begun and can be submitted on the website  The season 1 of Ucypher wrapped up rushing adrenaline, competitive spirit and enchanting matches to leave us to follow for the upcoming Ucypher Season 2

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