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UFC 3 New Trailer Showcased Changes but is it Better?

EA’s UFC 3 is going to be the new addition to the series & with a lot of changes. UFC 3 new trailer dropped today and it showcased a lot of career mode changes.

First things First, the game UI looks a lot better with social media pop-ups and improved fighting animations. Here the trailer :

The trailer showcased depth in the career mode, there is a lot of new things which you need to keep in mind while playing UFC 3. The career mode starts off where you debut in a fight with no Pro record and you have to earn the contract by fighting through the starting lineup.If you lose a match then the lineup going to be extended until you earn the contract but questions the longevity of your career.

There is a feature called Fight Hype which is actually determine the hype of your fight.The Hype will determine your character in the news. Even the trailer showcased the fight bonus and hype meter.

The next big thing in the career mode is its reaction mode where the tweet reads the warning and the player can respond with the suggested ones. It is very cool to see an interactive gameplay mechanic in the and this thing can be expected while Weigh-ins or Pre-Fight press conference.

The main agenda is to achieve the title of G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) and to do that you have to fight your way through the final boss which is ‘The Notorious Conor Mcgregor’. Either you can go promote or spar before a fight, each one going to reward you with something. EA confirmed that there is no microtransaction in the Career mode.

We have played beta in December and it looked good but the biggest flaw in the game was its button layout which I personally found Irritating. In the previous one where you have to hold L1 (block head) and L2(block body) and R1(attack head) and R2(attack body) but in the new one the layout suggested you hold L1+R1(block head) and L2+R2 (block body). Now, in this case, it was very Irritating to hold down four buttons to defense and quickly turn to attack.

We hope to see a change in these button layouts when the full game arrives. If you are looking forward to it then grab it on 2 February 2018 or Preorder for exclusive content.

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