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Ultraman Season 1 on Netflix to stream on April 1, 2019

One of the most popular classic Japanese series is coming to Netflix. The streaming giant has acquired the rights for Ultraman series which means the company wants to expand its anime content, as a lot of users often complain about a smaller library of anime shows on Netflix.

Only after the success of Ultraman, the series like Tokusatsu and Kaiju were made.

Talking about the plot of the Ultraman, the series will showcase the events after the era of original Ultraman.

The legendary ‘Giant of Light’ is assumed to have left the earth and gone to his own planet. The series lead character Shinjiro Hayata finds out that his father was the Ultraman. Now following his father footsteps, he takes the role of the Ultraman.

Talking about the cast of the show, it goes as follows.

1) Shinjiro Hayata / Ultraman – Ryhouhei Kimura
2) Dan Moroboshi – Takuya Eguchi
3) Seiji Hokuto – Megumi Han
4) Susumu Hayata/ Ultraman – Hideyuki Tanaka

For paying the tribute to the original Ultraman character Susumu Kurobe, the father of the Ultraman is named as Susumu in the upcoming series.

Cel Shading style of animation has been used in the Ultraman Netflix series.

The list of the total number of episodes for Ultraman is assumed somewhere between 10-13.

The company has also released a trailer for the same.

Season 1 of Ultraman will stream globally on Netflix on April 1, 2019.


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