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Unmarried Trailer, First Web Series By Popxo

Unmarried Trailer seems funny and captivating. Unmarried is an upcoming series by the digital median platform POPxo and is said to be a tale about three unmarried friends. Unmarried series is gonna talk about a phase of life which everybody goes through, a phase when everybody at your home and neighbour forces you to get married while some surrender to the helplessness and some don’t find the right reason to get married. Unmarried is directed by Shashank Pandey and stars Aashita, Jitendra Singh Rajput, Sanchay Goswami, Jayashree Venkataramanan, Sandeep Jain and Teena Singh.

Brief About Unmarried Trailer.

The trailer gives us a peek into the lives of three unmarried friends Abbie, Kay and Chirag who are though single but world all them unmarried. Kay is shown as a 27-year-old entrepreneur who is occupied managing her fashion startup where Her friend Abby is struggling to clear the UPSC exam while planning his engagement to the love of his life. Abby’s flatmate Chirag is sweet, simple and never been kissed. His ultimate mission is to find ‘the one’ with the help of his parents. Their lives take curves when they are forced and pressurised to think about marriages.

Unmarried seem to be a funny drama about this chaotic phase of life where the world is there to pressurise them to get rid of this title “Unmarried”. A lot of fun, drama and excitement seem to await us and let’s send best wishes to POPxo for their first ever web series. Unmarried will drop on POPxo youtube channel and app this July.


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