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Upcoming Marvel’s Netflix Shows With Probable Release Dates

Marvel’s superhero TV and streaming service picked up with the Marvel and Netflix deal of 4 shows culminating into a crossover show The Defenders. While these shows are in-depth and add a flavour of their own to the MCU, these shows over the past years have reserved a place of their own in MCU. They also started a spin-off series – The Punisher.

While there is no news of The Defenders’ second season. We bring you the upcoming Marvel’s Netflix shows.

Iron Fist – Season 2

Marvel and Netflix Marvel's Netflix

While the first season of the Iron Fist didn’t go well with the audience, but Marvel hired a new face for Season 2 – Raven Metzner. Jeph Loeb recently revealed that Iron Fist season 2 will stream later this year. The series is expected to have a presence at SDCC 2018, which indicates that this will be the next release. We should expect Iron Fist in August or September this year.

Daredevil – Season 3

Marvel and Netflix Marvel's Netflix

With Erik Oleson as the face of Daredevil the production team has been wrapping up the Daredevil season 3 shoot, his series is expected to explore the consequences of The Defenders, which ended with Matt Murdock believed dead. The story will be adapted from Frank Miller’s Born Again arc and we’ll finally see the MCU version of Bullseye. No release date has been assigned yet, but this series too is expected in 2018. If Marvel’s marketing is focused around Iron Fist, then we can assume Daredevil Season 3 is a little further away – around November or December.

The Punisher Season 2

Marvel and Netflix Marvel's Netflix

Jon Bernthal’s Punisher became title hero of his own series last year. Marvel and Netflix wasted no time in renewing it for a second season, with production beginning in March. The plot will be based on the Suicide Run arc in the comics, which saw Frank Castle coming back from a near-death experience under the suspicious eye of a local sheriff. Punisher Season 2 is quite early on in production, this will be the first Marvel’s Netflix show to stream next year probably.

Jessica Jones Season 3

Marvel's Netflix Show

Jessica Jones Season 2 streamed earlier this year, and Marvel and Netflix(Marvel’s Netflix) quickly renewed it for a third season. Production has yet to begin, and relatively very little is known about Season 3’s. Krysten Ritter recently revealed that the show will begin filming soon, therefore this show too can be expected to stream next year.

What do you think about upcoming Marvel’s Netflix shows? Are you excited to see them? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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