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Upcoming TV Series and Movies on Netflix to Watch out for in 2018

In few years Netflix has emerged as an entertainment giant who is churning out original content at a pace that no one can match at present. And it is going to make sure that it makes presence felt not only in the US but also in other subsequent territories. So, to do that it is all geared up to launch many new and further seasons of their already hit shows. It will also try to leave a mark this year in the movies category by giving us spectacular content. However, in plenty of upcoming TV shows and movies, it is tough to choose what to watch. No worries, we got you covered, just go through the list of forthcoming entertainment so you can only Netflix and chill.

Upcoming Netflix Series

Jessica Jones: Season 2

jessica-jones-season-2Marvel’s Jessica Jones is ready to make a comeback after her last year’s outing with Defenders. The series didn’t focus much on the character of Jones and left us wanting more. Now with her series, we will see her again playing the badass detective who lives by her own rules. The show will put once again put her face to face with Purple Man (David Tennant). Season 1 which became widely popular as it came at the right time and focused on the number of social issues. We are excited and ready to see what it as in store for us.

Altered Carbon

altered-carbon-image It is one of the most anticipated original series from the Netflix this year. Till now various trailers gave us the glimpse of a dystopian future where humans can live forever by transferring their conscious to another body (sleeves). The series will be a darker one and have lots of action sprinkled over it. Marketing campaigns for this one have also been fantastic as they showcased it as new technology at CES 2018. A series based on future and has a Sci-Fi element in it, we would merely say bring it on.

The Rain

Yesterday only Netflix teased the original Danish series on biological catastrophe, and it has been able to turn many heads around. The series plot showcase annihilation of almost all humans in Scandinavia, after a hazardous virus attack, which might be the result of some horrific scientific experiment. The teaser trailer undoubtedly gave us goosebumps, however, will have to see how different it is from other post-apocalyptic content already out there.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 2

a-series-of-unfortunate-eventsCount Olaf makes a return in the season 2, and he is all geared up to take the family fortune from his distant cousins by hook or by crook. The first season of the series received good response from critics as well as audiences. In the trailer released earlier this month, we see Count Olaf breaking the third wall as he welcomes us on the thrilling ride which starts on 30th March. The series undoubtedly knows where it is heading and with an actor like Harris at a lead.

Everything Sucks!!

everything-sucks-netflix-vostoryNetflix is quite brilliantly playing the nostalgia card as one of its most popular series ‘Stranger Things‘ is just a trip down the memory lane with the sci-fi twist to it. Everything Sucks! will revolve around the two groups of high school A/V club and the drama club. The series inevitably have a Freaks and Geeks which is a cult classic show and also follows the two groups of people in high school who are poles apart. The show premieres on February 16th worldwide, and we just added it to our binge watchlist.

Arrested Development: Season 5

ad-vostoryWe eagerly waited for it last time and to be honest; season 4 turned out to be a disappointment, as its actor’s busy schedules prevented them from sharing much screen time. However, we all ready to welcome back the Bluth family in our houses again. And also the positive remark “much like the original broadcast series.” from Will Arnett about the upcoming season has given us hope for the joyous ride.

Bard of Blood

Bard-of-Blood India is another crucial territory for the streaming giant, and it is taking steps to make its presence felt with this series. The series will be based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Bilal Siddiqi and will feature intricate, highly stylized action sequences. With Shahrukh Khan’s production house Red Chilli Entertainment backing it with a content that can leave you awe-inspiring.

Seven Seconds

seven-seconds Seven Seconds is a powerful anthological crime thriller from acclaimed creator and executive producer Veena Sud (The Killing). The story focuses on the society fraught with growing racial tensions, sensational headlines and people who would somewhat be entertained than informed. The plot tries take you on the other side of headlines and how ethnic tensions affect the life of people. The series will revolve around the Brenton Butler and his family, and how an incident changed their life.

The Maniac

maniac-vostoryEmma Stone will make her debut on the small screen in this dark comedy series with her Superbad co-star Jonah Hill as two patients in a mental institution. The series is a remake of Norwegian dark comedy series by the same name where the character of Jonah Hill retreats into some fantasy worlds. The plot and an amazing cast take it to the top of our watchlist.

The Alienist

the-alienistA psychological thriller series starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning in the significant roles, what else can you ask for to make it tempting. It will be based in the 19th century when the mentally ill were thought to be alienated from their nature. The series has a Sherlock Holmes vibe and will try to solve mysteries to unearth deepest and darkest secrets. It premieres on April 19th.

Upcoming Movies Netflix


mute-netflix Filmmaker Duncan Jones known for Source Code and Moon is back in the director’s chair and doing what he does the best. Mute is a film based in future where Leo (Alexander Skarsgård) who has not able to speak from childhood searches for his missing girlfriend through dark streets frenzied plazas, and the full spectrum of the cities shadow-dwellers. As he seeks answers, Leo finds himself mixed with Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and Duck (Justin Theroux), a pair of irreverent US army surgeons on a mission all their own. The movie will release in February 2018 and surely make an enjoyable watch.

Love Per Square Foot

love-per-square-foot-vostory Netflix is foraying into a new category in India with ‘Love Per Square Foot’ being its first original film. The trailer for the same was released a few days back which gave the glimpse of romantic comedy. The story revolves around a guy and girl living in the city of Mumbai who wishes to live independently in their own house. Produced by Ronnie Screwvala’s new production company RSVP, starring Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar in the significant roles.


cargo-vostory Martin Freeman portrays the role of the father who is stranded in a rural Australia in the aftermath of the violent pandemic. Being infected he searches for a new home for her daughter alongside continually dealing with his changing nature. The film is written and directed by Yolanda Ramke. It is slated for release in mid-2018.

When We First Met

whenwefirstmet-vostory The movie explores the story of Noah (Adam Devine) who first met Avery (Alexandra Daddario) during a college party, and they went on spending the perfect first night. However, soon he finds himself getting friend zoned by the girl with whom he fell in love. After almost three years as he remembers that night and goes to the same photo booth to wish things to be different. After that wish, he gets a second chance as he travels back in time to do things over again and make her fell in love with him. The DUFF director Ari Sandel is at the helm of the movie, and John Whittington (The LEGO Batman Movie) has written the story.



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