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How to use Chromecast with Google Home voice control : Step-by-Step

Google Home and Home Mini are smart speakers from the Google range of smart home devices. Google Home comes with a good build speaker and inbuilt Google Assistant. The Home device can do a lot with the Google Assistant, like playing the song playlist, control alarms and also it can be paired with a Bluetooth speaker. The Google Home devices are compact, especially the Google Home Mini and thus doesn’t have any screen and can’t be used to play videos or any graphical media. But the features given are enough to overcome this lack of feature. You can easily use Chromecast with Google Home or Home Mini easily and cast your favorite videos on TV with voice control. So, here we have discussed the procedure for how to use Chromecast with Google Home in simple steps.

How to use Chromecast with Google Home voice control

STEP 1 –

First of all, connect the Chromecast device to the TV and setup the system.

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STEP 2 –

Now open the Google Home app on your smartphone or any device and tap the Devices icon, which can be found on the top right corner right after starting the Google Home app.

Google Home

STEP 3 –

Tapping on the Device icon will show all previously connected devices, here you need to tap on Add New Device.

Google Home

STEP 4 –

After this, the following screen will show the info on how to connect the Chromecast device. This procedure involves going to Wi-Fi settings and select the device. You need to do the same, by this, the network of your Chromecast device will be selected. And to do this first of all, on your smartphone, go to the Wi-Fi settings and choose the name / serial of your Chromecast device.

Google Home

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STEP 5 –

Now again, open the Google Home application and tap on Continue. After which you will be shown a code, simply do confirm that the code in the Google Home app matches the code on your TV and then tap on I See It.

Google Home

STEP 6 –

Continue by selecting your region. And give your Chromecast device a name. This is done so that you can control it by using Google Home device with the voice-command, so select a name which is easy to say like “TV Room” or “ Living Room“.

Google Home

STEP 7 –

After this, decide whether you want to enable your Chromecast to send usage data and crash reports, and whether to enable Guest Mode and simply tap Continue.

STEP 8 –

Now choose your Wi-Fi network with which you want your Chromecast to connect and enter your Wi-Fi network password and simply tap Continue.

Google Home

STEP 9 –

Tap on Sign In to select the Google account with which you want to continue, choose from the already linked accounts or enter details for new. This can be done later, but it’s necessary to use Chromecast with Google Home device using voice commands, so, we recommend to sign in at that time escape any hassle.

Google Home

STEP 10 –

Now if you’ve done all the above steps, you’re all set to use Chromecast with Google Home device. You can control your Chromecast with your voice using the Google Home device. To do this simply say, “Hey Google, Play Despacito in TV Room”, here say the name of your device, that we have discussed in Step 6. After this, the video will be played on Youtube app by default, which can be changed easily.

So, this is the procedure for, how to use Chromecast with Google Home. You can check out more Google Home and Home Mini related content.

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