How to use dual apps in vivo V9 | Clone Apps in Vivo V9

How to use dual apps in Vivo v9

How to use dual apps in vivo V9 | Clone Apps in Vivo V9

The Chinese manufacturer Vivo with its custom FunTouch OS provides a lot of extra eminent features to its smartphones which stock Android users won’t get and end up using a 3rd party app for one or the other feature and sometimes compromise with some. One such feature in the Vivo V9 having Funtouch Os is of App clone by using which the users can create dual apps or clone an app. In today’s world, it becomes necessary to keep business and personal life separate, having dual WhatsApp or any other app can be really helpful. So, Do you also want to use dual apps on Vivo V9 then read on further to know about it.

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The method is pretty simple and straightforward, you just to tap on a few things and you will be able to use dual apps in vivo v9. So here is How to use dual apps in vivo V9 :

Here are the Steps to use dual apps in vivo V9

Method 1

Step 1:

First of all, head onto settings of your phone.

Step 2:

Now scroll down to bottom and there you find an option dubbed “App Clone” tap on it.

how to use dual apps on Vivo v9

Step 3:

In the next menu that appears, there will a list of apps that are supported for cloning. Usually, the social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are available for cloning

Turn on the toggle present along the app for the app that you want to use as a dual or clone app.

how to use dual apps on Vivo v9

That’s it a second app should be created on your phone.

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Second Method :

In this you don’t have to go to the setting of the phone, this app can be created directly

Step 1:

Hold down any app on your home screen until it begins to shake.

Step 2:

Now you will notice that a cross symbol will be present on top left position, which is to uninstall the app. So you don’t have to anything with that.
Another plus symbol will be present ( For Supported apps only) on the bottom right of the app while the app is still shaking.

how to use dual apps on Vivo v9

Step 3:

So just tap on that plus symbol to create a second (Clone ) app for that particular app.

Note: Plus symbol will be shown only for the apps that support cloning.

How to Identify the Second (clone) app Vivo V9:

When you create the second app, it will we present somewhere between other apps with 2nd written on the bottom right. So it is very easy to find out the clone app.

how to use dual apps on Vivo v9

So that’s all about How to use dual apps in vivo v9. Don’t forget to check out the in-depth review of Vivo v9. Further, if you have any query feel free to mention in the comments section below, we would love to help you.

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    1. Hi, Jignesh

      To find the 2nd WhatsApp media on Vivo V9
      Open the File Manager.
      Then open the WhatsApp icon present there.
      Now it will show all the media of both the WhatsApp’s.
      To view the media of 2nd WhatsApp–> Tap on the “Duplicate Selection” present on the bottom right of the screen after following the above steps.

      However, the file manager does not create a separate folder for the 2nd Whatsapp

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