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How to use Google Lens on any Android device

Google introduced the world about its new smart feature, Google Lens, last year, at Google I/O 2017. The app is another smart software product by Google. With Deep Machine Learning it can tell you about the brand name of the watch, by just having a glance of the watch, it can show you information about the monument, about a café or restaurant and many more, by just having a image of that, for this user just have to point the smartphone camera over that thing, this feature is only available in Pixel and Pixel 2 series. But, now Google Lens can be used by any Android user. Not to worry if you don’t own Pixel and Pixel 2 series or any flagship device. So, here’s

How to use Google Lens on Android device

STEP 1 –

Google Lens can be experienced in almost every Android device using Google Photos app. For this you need to update the latest version of the Google Photos from Playstore, if you haven’t already.

STEP 2 –

If you don’t own Pixel series smartphone or any other flagship device, you can’t use Google Lens live on the go. But after updating the app, open the app. And select any photo on which you want to test the Google Lens feature. On selection of photo, you will find four buttons, first two are Share, Edit and third one need to be hit, to preview the Google Lens feature.

But if the third button shows Information button, so you can’t preview the Google Lens feature.

STEP 3 –

If Google Lens button is available on your device after update, you can simply select any photo and hit the Google Lens to preview the feature.

So, what you else you can try from this feature.

1. Google Lens can tell you the name of the food item. You can try this, simply take a snap and open it in Google Photos.

2. You can convert the text on a sheet or photo to the text on your device. For this click any image and do the same procedure.

3. Google Lens will let you know if the book if available to buy on internet, just by having glance of the cover.

4. You can find out the name of the monument or any famous or iconic place just by the photograph of it. That’s great!

This Google Lens preview is not that accurate, sometimes it couldn’t show the preview even when the object is same.

Sometimes it can’t preview the image, even it is so obvious. Like, we captured a close snap of JBL headphones.

But it’s not a big problem, Google Lens feature does a lot of work. Sometimes, it fails, if the image quality is not adequate, or exposure or brightness is low. To its whole capabilities, we need to check the Google AssusAssi interegated version of this feature.

The Google Lens integrated with Google Assistant is only available on Pixel series smartphones, there is no further information from the company in reference of the arrival of the Google Lens on other android or iOS devices. But it will be available with Google Assistant integration on other devices soon.

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