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How to use new superzoom feature on instagram.

Instagram always brings some new features to its user and now a brand new feature called “Superzoom” has made its way to Instagram. The Superzoom features are within the Instagram app -camera and it’s one of the most fun Instagram features I have used. Using this feature you can record videos of the camera zooming in on someone’s face or any other object with suspenseful music playing in the background by default. You can use this new feature to supplement your daily nuances on Instagram Stories with some casual fun and creative videos.


  1. In the Instagram app on the top of left side tap on the camera icon then Under the shutter button, swipe the recording options available at the bottom to find the new “Superzoom” feature sitting between the Boomerang and Rewind.
  2. Now you can tap on the superzoom button to automatically record a three-second video.
  3. OrHold down the superzoom button to record a 15 seconds video with an extended and slow final zoom on your face or on any other object. Also, the Superzoom includes dramatic music to heighten the effect. superzoom instagram
  4. After recording a video you can either share it to your feed or can direct message (DM) to any of your friends. You can even save the video to the share it on other places.

The new update not only features superzoom but also have some divine Halloween face filters. The app has a feature or everyone either you want to be a ghoul, zombie, vampire or simply an ominous cloud Instagram has something for everyone.

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