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How to use one hand mode on Galaxy S9 & S9+

The Korean tech giant recently unveiled the super flagship devices Galaxy S9 and S9+. Galaxy S9 series adopted the same bezel less design from its predecessor but shown a major upgrade in the camera department. And we’ve also seen the noticeable awesome features like video recording at 960fps and the AR emoji. Samsung UI also supports a lot of features like Dual App and One Hand Mode. The One Hand Mode feature is very useful in the smartphone like Galaxy series, with a large display size, you might not aware of it and might want to know how to use one hand mode on Galaxy S9 series. So, here’s

How to use one hand mode on Galaxy S9 & S9+

STEP 1 –

First of all you need to go to the Settings and then search for Advanced Features and then search One Hand Mode in the given options. If you didn’t find the option, simply search One Hand Mode at the top search bar.

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STEP 2 –

In One Hand Mode option tap on the switch to turn on the feature.

The One Hand Mode feature can be activated by two method –

1. By GESTURE: In this method you need to swipe diagonally from the bottom of the screen to upwards. The method is not so handy, as sometimes it may not be done correctly.

2. By NAVIGATION BUTTON: in this method you just need to tap the home button 3 times whenever you want to activate the One Hand Mode. This method is better than the previous one, it’s quite handy.

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STEP 3 –

After setting up the One Hand Mode feature you are all set to activate it. Just tap the home button three times or drag diagonally up.

There is one more option included in this One Hand Mode, the mode window can be shifted to either left or right according to the ease of user. If you are using your smartphone with left hand, you can shift the screen to left and same with the right side.

The mode screen size also can be changed further, you can make it even more smaller for your ease. To do this simply touch the boundary of the mode screen and drag it down or up according to the need

How to revert the One Hand Mode?

To exit the mode you can simply tap on region outside of that mode window. Another way of doing it, is by doing the same thing you did to activate the One Hand Mode, that is by tapping the home button 3 times.

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