How to Use Swipe Gestures to navigate in Vivo NEX

How to Use Swipe Gestures to navigate in Vivo NEX | Navigation Gestures on Vivo NEX

Vivo recently launched the most unusual smartphone the Vivo NEX by taking a bold step to house the pop-up selfie camera. The Vivo NEX is not only a true flagship only in terms of design but the software part is also top- notch. As the smartphone features a True bezel-less display without that infamous notch so having that navigation button can actually look wired, so it’s better to use the swipe navigation gestures like iPhone X which not only increase the bottom space of the display but are quite comfortable to use. Do you also want to use swipe gestures on Vivo NEX, then Read on further to know how to enable them.

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Note: To use navigation gestures in Vivo NEX you don’t need to install any 3rd party application, the gestures settings are embedded directly into the smartphone, you just have to enable them.

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The method is pretty simple and straightforward, you just have to click a few things and you will be able to use the navigation gestures on your Vivo NEX. So without wasting much time let’s get started with the steps.

Here are the Steps to Use Swipe Gestures to navigate in Vivo NEX :

Step 1 :

First all, head onto settings of your phone.

Step 2 :

Now in the settings menu, tap on “system navigation“.

How to use navigation gestures On Vivo NEXStep 3 :

Now in the next menu that appears there will be two options, one navigation keys and other Navigation Gestures. By default, the navigation keys will be enabled.
So have to select the “Navigation Gesture“.

Step 4 :

Now after enabling Navigation Gestures, more options to choose the order of sliding gestures and Navigation styles will arrive.

Step 5 :

Open the “Order of sliding” and choose the right or left position for the back gesture. Whatever you choose left or right the opposite of that will be the Gesture to access the control centre.
How to use navigation gestures On Vivo NEXStep 6 :

Now if you have set that just swipe up from whatever side you have chosen and you will return to the gesture settings menu. Now tap on the “Navigation Gesture Style” and choose the desired style from there.
How to use navigation gestures in Vivo NEX

So that’s about How to Use Swipe Gestures to navigate in Vivo NEX, if you have any further query then feel free to mention in the comments section, we would love to help you.

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