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Spider-Man May Get A Cameo In ‘Venom’ Says Director

With Spider-Man Homecoming hitting the screens and turning into a blockbuster, we next get to see Venom in action, the villain and one of Spidey’s favourite in the comics and animated TV series. This version of the Venom(Venom Spiderman) looks entirely different from the one that appeared in the Spiderman-3 and was mostly disliked by the fans (Spider-Man in Venom movie). As soon as the news broke out of Venom movie in development from that moment onwards, fans had one question ‘Will Spiderman make an appearance in the movie?’

Spider-Man in Venom Movie

The chances of that appearance from friendly neighbourhood spidey were very meek from the beginning as Spidey has moved from Sony to Marvel in last few years becoming the formal member of Avengers. Whereas the rights of Venom are still with Sony so making it somewhat difficult for the character to have a link with MCU. On the other side, his relations with Spider-man cannot be shoved back as nothing.

Spider-man in Venom movie Venom Spiderman

“This feels very much like Venom’s movie. It’s the introduction of the character. As to where it will go in future movies, and who he’ll run across, I can’t say.” – The director of Venom said.

If Venom also turns out to be a successful blockbuster, we may get to see a face-off between him and the Spider-Man. But we still have hopes that we may see a post-credit scene dedicated to the spider-man because he is too integral of a character to be left out in the Venom storyline. As the Venom is being built inside the spiderverse, it’s tough to think of a movie without the universe’s main hero. Same goes for the other spin-offs as well.

Even the imagination of interaction between Tom Hardy’s dark & gritty Venom and Tom Holland’s ever-energetic Spiderman can give goosebumps to any fan. If by any chance Tom Holand’s Spider-Man appeared in the movie (Spider-Man in Venom movie) then we have to look out how the writers of the Venom has connected the storyline with MCU because as we witnessed that Spider-Man has died in Avengers Infinity War. So, it will become very crucial to keep this nitty-gritty in mind while bringing Spidey on the screen.

Spider-man in Venom movie Venom Spiderman

In the Venom, Tom Hardy will play the role of Eddie Brock, a reporter who is investigating the Life Foundation, a business associate of his girlfriend Annie, represented by Michelle Williams. The Life Foundation’s leader Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed) reveals they discovered an alien life form called symbiotes that can bond to human hosts. Unfortunately for Eddie, one ends up bonding to him, but he soon learns it is sentient, and when it takes over he becomes the lethal protector Venom(Venom Spiderman). The film’s trailer also shows many symbiotes so that we may see the Venom battle along the way with them.

Venom stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson, Riz Ahmed, Jenny Slate, Scott Haze, Michelle Lee, and Reid Scott. Venom is set to release on October 5, 2018.

What all do you want to see from Venom(Venom Spiderman)? And what do you think of the spider-man in Venom movie? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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