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Venom Trailer May Have Introduced Another Deadly Symbiote

Sony released a new Venom trailer today and we got to see a more of the titular antihero in it. The trailer gave fans a deeper look on Venom played by Tom Hardy as well as the first look at Riot, played by Riz Ahmed, but it may also have revealed another Marvel Comics symbiote character set to appear in the film – Scream!

Venom Trailer Introduces New Symbiotes!

In the trailer’s early minutes, we see a shot of Dr. Carlton Drake (Ahmed) observing a symbiote writhing within a container. Where Venom is black and Riot is grey, this symbiote has a greenish-yellow colouring to it. That’s the same colouring as the symbiote known as Scream from the Marvel Comics universe.

Venom Trailer Introduces New Symbiotes!

Also, in the new trailer focuses on a woman overtaken with the symbiote, creating a blade with her arm and firing spikes from her back. This is a mix of Phage and Lasher’s powers from the comics, although that’s not the symbiote on show here. This is Michelle Lee, who’s credited as playing Donna Diego aka Scream in Venom.

Here’s what we talking about –

Venom Trailer Introduces New Symbiotes!

Scream was first seen in Venom: Lethal Protector story. Scream bonded to a Life Foundation security guard, Donna Diego, to police the Foundation’s new Utopia. Scream was the leader of the band of symbiotes. Later, Diego turned on them, decided that symbiotes were all innately evil, and murdered the four other guards bonded to symbiotes.

Venom Trailer Introduces New Symbiotes!


The new trailer suggests that the movie will follow closely the Lethal Protector storyline. Life Foundation will be studying symbiotes with good intentions until Drake’s hubris leads to the downfall leaving Venom to clean up the mess.

Are you excited about the Venom movie? Do you think Tom Hardy is going to make a great Eddie Brock? Do you think Scream is going to be a big presence in the film? Do let us know in the comments!

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