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Vestaboard gives a new touch to split-flap displays at CES 2018.

Split flat displays are history (you might have seen them on old railway stations) .But as CES 2018 is going on, A new start-up Vestaboard has given a new touch and modified the mechanical split boards with the integration of Technology and created a board named after the company -the vestaboard.

Vestaboard is a mechanical display which at a time can show upto 160 characters which includes all 26 alphabets , Roman numbers and few set of solid colours and some punctuation marks.
As the company says the size of Vista board is roughly equal to that of a 42 inch TV.
It is capable of displaying text messages ,quotes reminders, song lyrics or anything what you want to display( text only) along with few colour patterns which can be controlled and Scheduled through a mobile app and can also be used by voice via Alexa and Google home.

Courtesy: vestaboard

The company has also posted a teaser video of the board which shows how you it will be used- here you can watch it:

Vestaboard price:

It isn’t cheap,the company has kept the price of vestaboard at a whooping $3495 which is quite high( no matter how cool it is ).However during CES it can be pre-ordered at a highly discounted rate of $1850 and the delivery will start in late 2018.

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