Viu Original Kaushiki shows Smiles Bear Grims Behind!

Viu Original Presents Kaushiki, an ongoing web series a murder mystery which is out with its 4 episodes established on the story of 5 friends with complexities in their friendship which are based on astonishing wrongdoings. How people together stay friends but hide their true faces of enmity.The series stars Sayani Gupta, Ranvijay Singha, Omkar Kapoor, Namit Das, Rajeev Siddharth and Shruti Shrivastava with others too in the lead. Directed by Suparn S Varma.

Viu Original Kaushiki


The series commence with the introduction of the friends with a voice over of Kaushiki aka Sayani while others are shown having fun in the party and suddenly there happens a chaos with abrupt firing and cops on the spot. She narrates how their celebration turned into panic and how has that lead to? She nicely introduces her friends and murderers who are unfortunately the same as follows,  Kaushiki is new in Ahmedabad and meets Rajeev Siddharth (Mrityunjay) who in turn introduces his friends, Omkaar Kapoor as Ankush (Maggie) the son of a rich businessman and his best buddy Namit Das as Dinesh (DK) a budding comedian followed by, Shruti Shrivastava as Aditi, works in an MNC as a PR Head and is Maggie’s girlfriend too, Madhurima Roy as Nikita (Nikki) a rebel and The Remix ex-contestant Manasi Scott as Yamini(Nikita’s Sister). Getting an awesome welcome to the group Kaushiki is invited to the party thrown by them but on the way to the party, Maggie meets with an accident.

As the episode proceeds we gets to know the heart of the show and the real faces of the dual faced friends. Ankush (Maggie)comes out to be involved in drug dealing, Mrityunjay found threatening his roommate (Chris) to make his assignments and make him top the college by making him cheat, Nikita was revealed cheating her sister Yamini by sleeping with her husband Parimal and Yamini being unaware of all this. Aditi has a past that she was sexually addicted to DK and got herself aborted and Maggie doesn’t know about all this. MJ invites Kaushiki for the Navratri celebration and others also prepares for the latter as the festive season sets in. Kaushiki and Mj goes to his room in boys hostel as a date where one of his mates come rushing at the door and tells him that Chris died, rather committed suicide out of stress as MJ was torturing him. Now this comes as a matter of great worry to him because now police is gonna investigate and only he knows within that he is the culprit.

Viu Original Kaushiki

They all are pretending to be nice at hearts but actually hides a bloody grim face as a past and lying to each other. The even more astonishing part is they actually don’t know anything about the past and presents of their friends and trust each other blindly. Kaushiki arranges to meet Naushad, the one who is a drug dealing partner of maggie and threatens him for paying back his invested money deals. She asks him if he knows Ankush (Maggie) and series winds up with both smiling.

Kaushiki Seems A Great Work.

The episodes till now were very intriguing and the concept seemed nice too. It is a murder mystery and it was a great experience watching something which didn’t have any cliche. Anticipation is at its peak as each episode unfolds a new game of truth. The cast’s work is praiseworthy and they stood out really best at what they were assigned.