Vivo establishes own AI R&D institutes in China & USA

Recently, Vivo launched its most premium mobile phone in the Indian market named “Vivo Nex”. It has a list of innovations including pop cameras, on-screen fingerprint scanner which make us believe that Vivo is investing in Research and Development aggressively. Today, our beliefs got further strengthened, as Vivo has established AI Global Research Institute to carry AI technology research and development.

Vivo NEX truly bezel less display

Company’s vice president will be the dean of the institute and they will hire the best minds and scientists to enhance the AI utilisation in upcoming Vivo phones.

The company will establish an Artificial Intelligence research institutions across the various cites in China and USA. In China, the company will establish the institute in cities including Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing. With the establishment of these research institutes the company is eyeing to transform the way AI is used in the mobile platform.

At the Boao forum in Asia, the company’s founder and CEO, Shen Wei stated that the combination of artificial intelligence and 5G will be the trend of mobile phone development in the 5G era. He also added that artificial intelligence will give mobile phones the ability to learn and think. According to his viewpoint, he said that the smartphones will become the smart data centres.

The company will increase to focus on enhancing the Artificial Intelligence, Strengthening Research & Development and building a strong relationship with the AI companies and research institutes to foster the growth of AI in the mobile computing world.

In the last year, we have seen other big giants like Microsoft, Facebook and Alibaba invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence. But Vivo will become the first mobile company to establish its own Artificial Intelligence research institutions.

Let us know in the comments section, your thoughts on, in what ways AI can transform the mobile industry.

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