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Vivo NEX Teardown. How does it’s pop up camera work ?

Last month Vivo Unveiled its most amazing phone the Vivo NEX which is the perfect example of the engineering in the smartphone industry. Today the company launched the smartphone in India and the most bewildering part of the smartphone is its retractable camera.

The front 8 Mp camera pops out from the smartphone and it is the good machination played by Vivo to house the front camera in an effort to minimize the Bezels. But how does the system works under the hood will be a pretty amazing thing to watch.


In a teardown by MyFixGuide a lot of hidden aspects like in-display fingerprint sensor, its piezoelectric “earpiece” speaker, and most interestingly, though, is how the pop-up camera works.

vivo nex durability test

Below the camera unit, a tiny “spiral stepper motor” is placed which pushes the camera in and out and is underpinned by a small spring to protect it from external forces. This spring will probably succor the camera unit from accidentally opening in your pocket or even in some light drops. To your knowledge, the cost of repairing this camera module is actually quite high.

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Its a great party trick played by Vivo to house the camera. All those moving parts might look really satisfying to watch, but a question arises for how long this system is rated to last. As explained at the launch by the company, the system that is housed inside the NEX is rated to move the front-facing camera up to 50,000 times and lift up to 500-grams of weight.


So let’s take an example, if your phone’s camera pops out a maximum of 100 times a day then mathematically it should for almost two years. Reducing the number of times to 50, the lifetime increase to 4 years which is pretty good but it is still questionable.

However, with NEX, Vivo has done an amazing job and created a roadmap for other OEMs to create something really innovative for there future smartphone.

What do you think of motorized components like this in a smartphone? Would you ever buy a device with this sort of module? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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