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How to unlock Android device with OK Google voice match with Google assistant: Step-by-Step

Android is the best product of Google in various categories, but if we talk about the Google assistant. It is best of all existing voice assistants with a high accuracy. The Google assistant take a number of command and just get activated by “OK Google” command. The other use of this is unlocking your smartphone by the Voice Match. It might be a option to unlock the device just by saying OK Google. So, here’s

How to Unlock your Android device by just saying OK Google.

STEP 1 –

First of all you need to activate the “OK Google” detection of the Google assistant. For this long press the home button > (3 Dot symbol) > Settings.

STEP 2 –

After the settings option, select the “Phone” option or any other desired device. And after that select “Ok Google Detection” option to continue.

STEP 3 –

After entering the detection option, select “Get started”. And here you are supposed to speak, “OK Google” and “Hey Google” as directed on screen and hit “Finished” when done. This is done to make assistant learn your voice. So, that you can use your voice to give commands to the assistant.

STEP 4 –

At last select “Unlock with Voice Match” option turn ON the feature. Now if you’ve done all the steps, you can easily unlock with just saying “OK Google”. The voice model can be changed easily, by selecting the “Voice Model” option just below the “Unlock with Voice Match” option.

Select “Voice Model” option for changing voice detection model.

Caution:- The Voice Unlock is not highly secured, we recommend Pattern/Fingerprint Unlock feature.

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