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Volvo’s Parent Company Bought a Flying Car Startup.

Earlier this year, there were reports, in July, that the Volvo Parent company, GEELY, acquired the American flying car startup, Terrafugia. Those all reports were true, as Geely officially done the acquisition of Terrafugia. Terrafugia, the American based project for flying cars, will take shape in the same region only, Geely is going to work for it financially and back it up using its automotive tech.

Talking about the startup, Terrafugia. Terrafugia’s project of flying cars is not new. Company has already created a flying car, named “Transition”, which is supposed to be launched in 2019, in market. The project was a great success, as company was able to make a vehicle which is compact enough to look like a car, and not giving a awkward look when running on road. The car is able to give a flight time of 6 hours with a speed of 120kmph. The Transition received approval from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2012 that essentially made it street legal and the cost of prototype is $279,000. Still several modification has to be made, to run the reality on road. 

1st Project:- TRANSITION

But now company is upto a new project now. The new startup is Terrafugia – TF-X, and it is much more ambitious. TF-X will be more compact version of a car and a helicopter. Unlike Transition, TF-X will be able to take-off vertically like a helicopter, no need of a long run way like area. For this company is using VTOL Technology, in which twin rotors are used, in a tilted angle, and by which vehicle get thrust to take off. This Tech is the fundamental for the Aerial Taxis, to take off using a less region. Volvo’s parent company, sees a great scope in this project ahead, and planning to run the TF-X as a reality, by 2023.

Current project:- TF-X

Geely and Terrafugia, is not the only company, that have eyes to launch flying cars commercially. As we have discussed in earlier article, Uber will launch Flying Taxi Services by 2020. So, it will be interesting to see, how the flying car concept come in commercial use and when.
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