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Walking Dead AR game coming to a smartphone next to you

Walking Dead AR game coming to a smartphone next to you

Loved Pokemon go and hated how it stagnated? Want an AR game that is part fun and part thrill? Love the Walking Dead? Well, Next Games have heard your wishes and are going to launch The Walking Dead – Our World. The Walking Dead AR game lets you fight zombies right on your front porch!

What’s up with AR games?

walking dead ar game

AR games have become massively popular ever since Pokemon GO came out. Fixed screen games just don’t do it for us. People want to experience the game around themselves. They want to go on an adventure on their own, rather than just pushing buttons. The game map is too small for us. We want the whole world to be our playground. AR games give you a look into a new fantasy world right through your smartphone screen. That’s why games like Jurassic World Alive and Pokemon GO flourished.

The Walking Dead AR Game

The Walking Dead AR game was announced last year by Next Games and they released a teaser a few months ago and it has kept us on our toes since then. The game allows you to fight Zombies, look for weapons by exploring nearby areas, and meet actual The Walking Dead characters like Daryl and Rick. You can collect these characters too and make the Zombie hunting spree more fun.

(Source: Next Games)

And you are not alone. You can find other survivors and complete missions like saving other survivors and build shelters. Oh, and if you missed it, there is also a weekly challenge system if you are feeling up to it.

The Walking Dead – Our World is set to launch on July 12 on both iOS and Android. Make sure to get a copy and prepare for the apocalypse!


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