Call Of Duty World League is an eSport league on the Call Of Duty introduced by Activision and some major gaming league. Not everyone is behind the CS: Go. Some players are fans of the Call Of Duty multiplayer gaming. So, This league is the best place to show their skills to the world. For fans, it’s huge and must watch league and who don’t know where and when to watch the match. We are here, we tell you about that.

Call Of Duty World League

The Call Of Duty world league is a huge league consist of different events throughout each competitive season. Some are for professional teams and same are open competitions which provide smaller squads way to the biggest stage.  These official events allow teams to earn points to determine their overall standings. These are not only for standings these are the main key to the made path to the ultimate goal of worth $1.5 million prize pool The Call Of Duty World League Championship.

The next event of the league is the CWL Pro League Stage 1 competition in Columbus, Ohio. This is the nine-week series which features 16 top-ranked teams in Call Of Duty of North America, along with Europe and Asia-pacific region. The prize pool for the event is the $500,000. The event is currently running at Columbus. It is running since 23rd January and will end on March 22nd.

You can directly watch the live stream of the league via Twitch.

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