All Pokemon Go fans get ready for another wave of new Pokemon in the game.  Pokemon Go announced that the Rayquaza and a huge wave of Flying-type Pokemon will start appearing in the game from 9th February. It will include powerful Pokemon like Salamance, Metagross, Altaria, Chimecho, and Tropius.

Rayquaze is a powerful Dragon/Flying type Pokemon. It is the third and final of the “mascot Legendaries” from the Hoenn region. It will remain in gyms until March 16th.

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Pokemon Go also announced a “Gen 3 ” mini-event which will run through February 13th. This will be a four-day event and in this Pokemon from the Hoenn region will take wild encounters results in giving players an opportunity to add them to their Pokedex. Some Pokemon will appear as Raid Bosses.

The new Pokemon will available on February 9th, presumably around 4 PM ET.