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This New Wearable Device Can Detect Stress Level From Sweat

New Wearable Device Can Detect Stress Level From Sweat

The scientist has created a new wearable device that absorbs sweat from the skin and evaluates how much stress hormone (cortisol) a person is producing. The device is waterproof and is directly worn on the skin.

The cortisol ( stress hormone) rises and falls throughout the day naturally, provide an objective gauge of emotional or physical stress and can help doctors evaluate patient’s adrenal or pituitary gland, if it is working fine or not.

This device reduces the time of evaluation to a few seconds, while with the conventional methods take up to a few days to analyze the results.


“We are particularly interested in sweat sensing, because it offers non-invasive and continuous monitoring of various biomarkers for a range of physiological conditions,” said lead author, Onur Parlak from Stanford University, US.

“This offers a novel approach for the early detection of various diseases and evaluation of sports performance,” Parlak added, in the paper published in the journal Science Advances.

If this prototype comes into a reality, it will allow people to monitor and evaluate their own levels at there own pace, the researchers said.

The developers created a stretchy, rectangular sensor around a membrane that specifically sticks only to cortisol. When worn on the skin, it swallows in sweat via holes in the bottom of the patch. A waterproof layer protects the device from contamination.

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