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Week 4 Summer Skirmish Tournament Live Standings & Schedule

Presently, Epic games is very active and organising professional and competitive E-sports every week. This activity is also indirectly helping the Epic Games to popularise their brand. Also, the company must be building up the hype among the gaming community and E-Sports organizations about this game and its corresponding huge prize money, which will provide a perfect platform for Fortnite World Cup which will hold next year.

Four weeks ago, Epic games has announced the Summer Skirmish tournament and it is already Week Four of Summer Skirmish Tournament. Week Four Skirmish tournament will feature two Solo tournaments of $ 500,000 in prize money.

Week Four Skirmish tournamentSchedule for the tournament

Day 1- August 3 at 2 PM PST

Day 2 (Saturday, August 3) set to take place at 10 AM PST

Summer Skirmish tournament follows 8 weeks of competitive gaming and has total pool prize money of $8 million

Epic games invite all the popular Fortnite streamers, professional players and organisations to take part in this tournament.

Participants which are taking part in this Week 4 Summer Skirmish Tournament had been listed below. The list of participants includes both the invited players and players who scored top position in Solo Showdown event.

Week Four Skirmish tournament participants and players

Week Four Skirmish tournament

Week Four Skirmish tournament

The player who will score the first 8 points or more will win the competition. Victory Royale in the game will offer 2 points and second/third place will grant 1 point, 4th or more eliminations will receive 1 point. The player with most elimination will hold the throne and will be given 1 extra bonus point until dethroned.

Total pool prize will be distributed among the top 20 players in a below-mentioned manner.

Week Four Skirmish tournament

Live standings

Week 4 Summer Skirmish Tournament Standings


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