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20 Weird Marvel Characters That Even MCU Would Fail To Recreate!

Marvel Universe has over Eight thousand characters which could be used in the MCU. With the Iron Man, MCU started off with its most ambitious project, and up till now, we have seen many characters introduced in the MCU, some even weird like a racoon with blazing guns and talking trees. Marvel has experimented carefully with everything. Using the Easter eggs as testers for the concepts and along with that they have used them to check out the hype with the fans as well for various weird marvel characters.

But some characters in Marvel Universe can be weird enough even for the MCU to fail in recreating them on the big screen. Today we take a look at some of these top weird marvel characters:-

20. Doop

weird marvel characters MCU

Doop(weird marvel characters), as described by Captain America, a weapon created in Cold War. While Doop’s full range of powers are still unknown but knowing him, you would agree that he’s weird enough even for MCU. Doop has a mother and speaks a language that seems to be alien. Doop has as extensively diverse powers, he has enough strength to battle Thor and can shoot psionic blasts. He can also use a bass guitar to channel the lethal Power of the Funk. He can also perform Doopish Magic, levitation, and can send something to another dimension via his mouth. His choice of weapons personifies weird literally which include an Ultimate Nullifier, a gun that shoots bees, a chainsaw, and bowling balls.

Weird Enough for our brains to handle!

19. Phone Ranger

weird marvel character

What if Tony Stark was a not a multi-millionaire playboy but rather a phone repairman? We get The Phone Ranger instead of Iron Man! A.G. Bell was just an ordinary phone repairman until he repaired a phone that had a small spaceship stuck inside the receiver. After fixing the phone, Bell studied and recreated some of the ship’s tech. It gave him the access to every form of communication system, and he decided to be a superhero. Bell designed his costume and declared himself as The Phone Ranger.

With the advent of digital technologies and support staff like of the S.H.I.E.L.D, Phone Ranger, one of the weird Marvel characters will never make it to the MCU.

18. M.O.D.O.K.

weird marvel characters MCU

M.O.D.O.K a shot form for – Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, is a gigantic head with a small body. He carries himself in around a hover chair. George Tarleton, a member of A.I.M., was mutated to study a Cosmic Cube. After gaining super intellect and psionic powers, he became a supervillain. Long story short, we cannot a see super-sized brain moving around in Hover-chair with CGI. It would hurt Thanos’ feelings after he made his debut recently in a Hover-Chair of his own. MODOK was rumoured to appear in Avengers: Infinity War, however, this weird marvel characters was not able to make the cut.

17. ORB

weird marvel characters MCU

The desperateness of being cured by some superpower doesn’t stop with Doctor Strange. Drake Shannon(weird marvel characters) after a motorcycle accident that disfigured his face received an eyeball-shaped mask from the They Who Wield the Power. The Mask had abilities like shooting laser beams and hypnotize anyone looking at it. Weird not stop here; the new Drake Shannon also developed the obsession with eyeballs in general. He once took one of the Watcher’s eyes, which attached itself to Orb and gave him the ability to shoot a laser out of his sight.

Giant eyeball in MCU? Consider me meeting at the theatre’s exit door for an Avengers re-run.

16. Blue Streak

weird marvel characters MCU

Spoiler Alert – It’s not a type of snapchat streak. Don Thomas(weird marvel characters), a member of the criminal organization – The Corporation, managed to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D and was trained by Falcon. Don created his mechanized suit with skates and lasers. His skates could reach speeds up to 125 miles per hour. Justin Hammer sponsored him yet he still went around robbing banks. He was killed twice, and Jonathan Swift took his mantle and created a gang of super-skaters called the Fast Five.

I would like to see the Fantastic Four instead of Fast Five, to be honest.

15. Gamecock

weird marvel characters MCU

Some characters are so bad and weird at the same time that Marvel would like to undo them if they actually got their hands on a time machine. Gamecock is one of those weird marvel characters. Carlos Cabrera is an excellent fighter with some of his thugs as his team to help him. He first debuted when Boss Morgan hired him to kill the Falcon. Gamecock doesn’t have powers, only an excellent fighter dressed as a chicken with sharp claws and no super-power.

Marvel’s other characters would make a nice chicken dinner out of him if he was to be included in the MCU.

14. Laussa

weird marvel characters MCU

Did you think Odin only had one daughter? If yes then you are wrong, Thor had one younger sister Laussa Odindottir. Surtur orchestrated some events and the princess developed some serious fire powers. As a baby, Laussa would turn into a Fire Demon. To save her, Angela tried to purify her by putting her into Heaven’s furnace. It mostly took out the disease from her, but after her return to Asgard, she showed signs of Surtur’s powers.

After Hela it would be difficult to introduce Laussa(weird marvel characters) in the MCU, also no one wants to see a baby turn into a fireball.

13. Leap-Frog

weird marvel characters MCU

What would an unsuccessful Tony Stark be like? Marvel has the answer – Vincent Patilio aka the Leap-Frog. He was a small, incredibly unsuccessful inventor. One day out of luck, he invented an electric leaping coil. Instead of selling his invention, Patilio used it for better things like – Committing crimes. With not much of ideas of leaping supervillain would look like, Patilio designed his own bright green and yellow suit and names himself as the Leap-Frog. He is surely one of the weird marvel characters.

Do we want to see an ecstatic leaping man jumping off Iron Man’s suit (like Iron Man would let him do that)? No, probably the local police have someone with good shooting skills to get one shot right on his coils.

12. Ruby Thursday

weird marvel characters MCU

Thursday Rubinstein, a brilliant scientist who used her intellect to replace her head with an orb of plastic circuitry. She named herself as Ruby Thursday(weird marvel characters). She went on to become a villain and clashed with the Defenders often. Her power set was the definition of weird, she could shapeshift into anything from weapons to grow a pair a wing which is pretty unscientific considering only her head to be made of a plastic orb. She could make her head appear like a normal head too. Ruby could detach her head from her body, grow up to eight tentacles out of her head and make her head explode and regrow, and shoot bursts of force.

A plastic head on the rampage? No, not in MCU.

11. Mandrill

weird marvel characters MCU

Jerome Beecham had the appearance and strength of an actual Mandrill(weird marvel characters). As a child, he was hated by everyone and was left by his parents when he was only ten which led him to seek vengeance against them. Beecham’s mutant powers later emerged, and he could control women by releasing pheromones. He used his powers to raise all-female armies for the purpose of overthrowing nations and punish his parents.

A seductive wild animal like a man on a loose leash? Sure it would be a great idea if the 50 shades of grey superhero sequel were to be made by Marvel.

10. Living Eraser

weird marvel characters MCU

With a misleading name, the living eraser was a villain who was actually from a different dimension. Cutza, the Living Eraser worked for the Supremacy in Dimension Z. When Supremacy requests him to kidnap notable scientists from Earth, he uses his Dimensionizer, to transport people to Dimension Z. It would look like they were disappearing in one dimension until the process was complete and they made it to the other dimension. He doesn’t ‘erase’ someone actually but just transport them.

But stop, we already have a super-fast inter-dimension traveler, Doctor Strange. And anyway, he’s too easy for even Hawk-eye to beat. So no transporting to MCU dimension for the Living Eraser(weird marvel characters).

9. Scarecrow

weird marvel characters MCU

Ebenezer Laughton was an escape artist. During one of his performances, he helped Iron Man stop a robbery. With him, in an actual fight he was able to assess his abilities and tried a hand at crime and he trained crows to help him. At the start, he was just a low profile criminal, but he developed an obsession with fear and then organization named The Firm taught how to instill fear and feed off it. It augmented his strength, speed, and healing. He also manages to transform into a spirit and was able to resurrect the dead and possess people. All these abilities made him one of the weird marvel characters.

Wild spirit chase in MCU? Too easy for Doctor Strange, The Sorcerer Supreme.

8. Skin

weird marvel characters MCU

Angelo Espinosa, a normal person with his death destined by a car crash as would it seem but instead fate had something more for him. He didn’t die but got to know that he was a mutant after he found almost 6 feet of extra skin which saved him, which he learned to control. His skin became discolored and turned far stronger. The extra skin just hung limply on his body when he didn’t use it.

He eventually joined Generation X. Though Skin did not join to become an X-Man — he only wanted to be able to control his powers.

7. 3-D Man

weird marvel characters MCU

Like everyone’s a 2-D? What on earth are the writers thinking while creating this character? Well, the 3-D man’s story goes like this two brothers, Charles and Hal Chandler. Charles and Hal were kidnapped by Skrulls and placed aboard the Skrull’s ship. While attempting to escape, Charles was caught in a radiation blast that seemingly killed him, while his brother looked at what was happening. What really happened was that the explosion imprinted 2-D images of Charles onto Hal’s glasses. After that Hal could concentrate and reconstitute his brother as the 3-D Man(weird marvel characters). During this, Hal would slip into the comatose state and still be connected to his brother’s consciousness.

While it’s quite a concept but it’s too complex to be taken to the big screen.

6. Swarm

weird marvel characters MCU

Fritz von Meyer, a former Nazi scientist who was studying mutated bees when he was attacked by the whole swarm, bees ate all of him and nothing but his skeleton was left. He should’ve died but instead, his consciousness took control over the swarm and thus became the swarm.

Swarm(weird marvel characters) can make bees do anything, also he can make the mutated bees supersized, but all it takes to take him down is insect repellent – so not cool. So, taking him on the big screen will be a pretty big mistake.

5. Starfox

weird marvel characters MCU

Thanos made his debut in the MCU with Avengers: Infinity War but it seems his brother Eros wouldn’t. Eros spent most of his time with women or adventure. When he was included as a part of Avengers, he was named Starfox not to cause any suspicion. Starfox had all the powers a particular Titan eternal has plus the ability to stimulate the pleasure center of someone’s brain to make them like him more. He used it to counter attacks on him on missions. However, he also used his powers off-duty as well.

Taking him in MCU? What will the Marvel then be making a romantic superhero movie?

4. Father Time

weird marvel characters MCU

While there are two Father Times in Marvel. One who fought Captain America and the other was the Elder of the Universe. This Elder of the Universe described himself as the Dispatcher of Destiny, and his purpose was to commemorate significant events in the universe and therefore this meant collecting legendary Americans and placing them in another dimension to preserve them. At one point, he kidnapped Captain America in the hopes that his disappearance would solidify Cap’s standing as a legendary figure.

It would be an interesting character but we already have one collector in MCU.

3. Doorman

weird marvel characters MCU

Doorman aka DeMarr Davis(weird marvel characters) had a special connection to the Dark Force Dimension. It gave him the ability to become intangible and walk through walls. He could also let others pass through the walls as well. He was resurrected after his death by oblivion giving him more powers than before to serve as Angel of Death. He had the power of flight, teleportation, and ability to create objects out of Dark force energy.

His original skillset matches most to the Ghost which is debuting in the Ant-Man and the Wasp, so there’s no possibility of taking him to the big screen.

2. Slapstick

weird marvel characters MCU

Steve Harmon, a man dressed as clown entered an interdimensional portal inside a fun-house. Before arriving finally in Dimension X, Harmon’s molecules were stretched over thousands of dimensions and therefore transformed his body into a mass of unstable molecules (Electroplasm), which essentially turned him into a living cartoon character.

He’s much like Deadpool and frequently broke the fourth wall. But a cartoon in MCU won’t be a good idea.

1. Armless Tiger Man

weird marvel characters MCU

Eric Hertz, an average German man lost his arms in a machine accident. Instead of building something like mechanical arms, Hertz trained himself in fighting and sharpened his tooth like razor sharp fangs. He named himself the Armless Tiger Man(weird marvel characters). He then set off to destroy all machinery in Germany until the Nazis caught him and then set him off in to destroy machinery in America instead. A machine eating psycho would make a good comedic movie but let’s just hope Marvel stays on the course of making adventure thrillers only.

What do you think about these weird Marvel characters? Do let us know in the comment section below!


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