15 Weird Ways Filmmakers Tried To Cover Up Mistakes In Movies

The movie industry is known not only for its successes but also for the mistakes it makes. The box office hits are not the only news that hits the headlines, but the disasters and misunderstandings lead to the same. Some errors in the movie get into the final cut, but some are caught beforehand by the directors who are corrected just by erasing those errors and shooting them again but sometimes they often lead to other mistakes. Some of these mistakes are covered up most weirdly, whether you believe it or not. For example, the CGI upper lip of Superman to dialogue is obviously dubbed over. Directors, editors, and visual effect teams have a variety of odd methods to fix the errors.

The fixes that are made are as evident as the mistake, but the errors are what is eye-catching. Maybe, you missed these cover-ups the first time you watched the film, or perhaps you dropped your jaw or laughed out loud at how stupid the result was.

So, we’ve got mistakes from some of the great directors in this article, and some are from the worst.

Here we present you the Top 15 Weird Ways Movies Tried to Cover up the Mistakes –

15. Morpheus and the Doorknob(The Matrix)


The Matrix is known for several things including the moments that came out of it computer generated effects. However, not every part of the movie has CGI trickery though, it is right for the last two films in the trilogy.

The first film had to depend on feasible solutions to mistakes made in the movie, like the time when they were filming a shot which includes showing the reflection of a doorknob. For that, they didn’t sweat and just coat over the knob to hide the camera instead of using any CGI trick, and they thought none would notice it.

You can see in the image above that the left part of the knob is invisible.

14. Superman’s Non-Moustache(Justice League)


This one is quite famous as this covered in several press conferences. Henry Cavill signed two movies (Justice League and Mission Impossible: Fallout) in one of which(Fallout), he has to keep the moustache which was not allowed to be removed according to the contract.

So, while filming Justice League, the editors were forced to use CGI to remove the facial hair. Critics quickly noticed the odd look on the face of Superman due to the rushed application of CGI.

13. Kate Mara’s Reshoots Wig(Fantastic 4(2015))


If you are the one who admires Fantastic 4 films then you must know about the number of retakes and reshoots it went through and even after that, it came out as a movie which was hated by the critics and the audiences at the same level. The most laughable reshoot was that of Kate Mara’s (lead actress) wig.

She played the character Sue Storm, and before the reshoots she got her hair cut due to which she had to use a wig. Even after the how bad the movie was, this cover-up adds up to it, and this actually goes up for the lowest effort cover-up on the list.

12. James Franco’s Headband(Pineapple Express)


There were a lot of injuries that happened in the set of Pineapple Express, out of which, the one that had a significant impact on the film was the head injury of James Franco. Franco got the injury in a scene where he is running in the forest and went into a tree. It makes James have stitches on his head.

Due to this, a head accessory headband came onto the scene to hide the stitches which seem absurd and unnecessary according to the story.

11. The Disappearing Pole(The Incredibles)


The animation was still a young field during the period when The Incredibles was made. This leads to several glitches and mistakes that made their way in the film. While most of the mistakes were covered, some were quite noticeable.

One mistake was the vanishing of the pole that was holding the rail. When Mrs Incredible was making her way into the Syndrome Island, she took a ride underneath the monorail which was held up by a pole, but she didn’t smack herself as the animators just removed it in the next frame.

It was a magic trick which vanished the pole out of her way.

10. Harrison’s Illness(Raiders of the Lost Ark)


Another lead actor cover-up includes the Harrison Ford’s illness during the shooting of a scene in the Indian Jomes: Raiders of the Lost Ark. He was supposed to fight the guy wielding a shielding using his famous bullwhip, but since he was ill, they made him just shot the guy.

Instead of a flashy unrealistic fight, they showed him just shooting the guys and move on. This cover-up is memorable due to the famous scene.

9. Kevin Spacey(All the Money in the World)


It is true that the guy in the movie is not Kevin Spacey instead that is Cristopher Plummer and the reason behind it was that Spacey had a history of harassment and stuff, so the director replaced him.

After the reshoot, Spacey was erased from the whole movie, and Plummer was put in the parts. Though, Plummer gave a fantastic performance which ended up being nominated for an Oscar.

8. Whammy! (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy)


If anyone is familiar with the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, they will te;l you how devised the movie is. The jokes made in the film were from the actors who tried various jokes again and again in each scene which includes David Koechner(portrayed as sports anchor Champ Kid).

Editors were in a dilemma of how to use lines from different takes and join them since they were making quite an abrupt cut. To hide this, they use “Whammy!” graphically to conceal the cuts to distract the audience, which can only be seen by any sharp-eyed people.

7. The Epilogue(Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2)


Every fan of the Harry Potter series remembers the leak of behind the scenes of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows: Part 2 where they so the aged versions of the cast for the end scene of the story. A fan outcried that the original aged versions looked way too old than the ones in the movie.

To cover the ageing mistakes, the directors reshoot the scene, but this time, the main cast(Harry, Ron and Hermoine) look way too young as they would have grown more in two decades time. The fans complained about his too, but at least they tried, no?

6. Jeremy Renner’s Arms(Tag)


The movies involving stunts always lead to injuries. One of them is the recent action comedy film TAG which includes Jeremy Renner who never gets tagged due to his Jason Bourne-like skills and athletic ability to dodge.

It consists of a stunt of falling off a chair stack which went wrong, and Jeremy broke both of his arms. This made it difficult to cope up with the injury, but since their CGI team was great at their work, it was quite hard for the critics to notice false limbs, created by CGI.

5. Bad Dubbing(Galaxy Quest)


Galaxy Quest holds up in today’s modern world of fandom due to its story, cast and a great sense of humour. It might not have become famous if it was R-Rated since it contains foul language. Though, the filmmakers tried to reduce the use of foul language to target a young audience and their parents.

But covering the foul language lead to weird ways of a cover-up as in one scene, Sigourney Weaver said “Screw that!” when she saw an obstacle, but in reality, it was something else which was covered up by the cleaner version of it.

4. Aragorn’s Black Eye(LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring)

There is a whole lot of injuries that happened on the set of the LOTR franchise, but the funniest one is the shooting of the character Aragorn played by Viggo Mortensen had to be filmed from a particular angle. It was done just to hide his one black eye which he got during his lessons of leaning surfboarding from the costars, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan.

It didn’t affect any shots as the director Peter Jackson filmed him from his good side to hide the black eye. It is funny to imagine how heroic it would have been if the shot included the black eye.

3. Porgs (The Last Jedi)


When you got an animal infestation, there is only one way to get rid of it, and that is to put those animals in the movie. The porgs are an indestructible part of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, as they are the most adorable alien birds.

Since the island, on which they shoot, was full of puffins as it was a wildlife preserve and they couldn’t remove them. So, to cover the mistake, they include them in the movie as the alien birds named porgs.

2. The Stormtrooper who bumped his head(Star Wars: A New Hope)


The fans who watched the Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope must remember the stormtrooper who bumped his head by an overhead door. When he was entering a room, he banged his head by the door which was quite noticeable.

This can be called a mistake which was not even covered up which is good as to keep originality. Moreover, the DVD release of 2004 also had a sound effect that was added to emphasise the bump.

1. Dented Cars(La La Land)


La La Land’s opening scene is famous for transforming one of the most depressing places on Earth into a joyous place by putting a musical number there. To make this happen, the director closed a section of the highway for two full days so that the choreographer can rehearse their dance in the song.

When the time came to finalise the movie, the filmmakers noticed that the rehearsals had wrecked the roofs of the cars which they were using for the rehearsals. To cover-up the dented roofs, the camera shots were focused on the dancers’ bright clothing and movement. Over that, for the wide shots where they weren’t able to avoid showing the roofs, they displayed the film’s title in huge letters over the top, so that it was hard to see the marks clearly.

Are there any other mistake cover-ups that we missed? Do let us know by commenting down below in the comment section.

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