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Westworld Season 2 Trailer gives a glimpse of Grippy and Chaotic season

Westworld Season 2 Trailer is here and we are ready to be amazed!!

HBO’s another masterpiece Westworld”, returns this April to keep us entertained and glued to our seats in the absence of Game Of Thrones. The series is based on the movie by the same name and this adaption is created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The season 1 of the series took us to the world built by Ford with a finesse. It explored the meaning of consciousness and what makes humans different from robots created by us with artificial intelligence. It raised the question do we get to control them just because we are their creators or give them the control to lead their own life? At the end of the season 1 of Westworld, we saw Ford and Dolores giving the machines freedom from the abuse laid on them by humans in the amusement park.

The series left no page unturned with a spectacular first season, and now in season 2, we will witness the wrath of machines. With Delos corporation in shambles, robots are ready to wreak bloody havoc, lead by Doloris. The season 2 will be much crispier and fast-paced as compared to season 1 as the later one was involved in establishing the sturdy base. As it explained the premises of the amusement park and we also got a good look at the Delos corporation whose stone was laid by Ford himself.

What is in store for you in Westworld Season 2?

After giving a firm start to the series now in season 2, it will progress as a fast-paced and action-filled drama with lots of secrets hidden beneath it. The trailer opens with a scene where Bernard is lying beside the beach unconscious and narrative playing in the background where he is talking to Dolores. As Dolores asks him does ‘dreams mean anything,’ and he merely answers ‘No dream doesn’t mean anything’ and after this Dolores doesn’t seem satisfied by his answer and tells him that his answer is not honest. This particular scene points out that machines are slowly understanding the emotions and are fully aware of truth and lie.

From here trailer picks up the pace, and we get the glimpse of Thandie Newton as she continues the search for her daughter. From the video, it also seems that machines have entirely taken over the Delos corporation’s headquarters. In season 1 we didn’t get the glimpse of the real world; however, it looks like Westworld season 2 will take us out there. As in particular shots, we saw Dolores standing on top of a building watching over a city while wearing a modern attire.


There must be several questions brewing up in your mind, whether the season 2 unravel more mysteries of the world or we will be left on the edge of our seats once again? We believe that season 2 will be much grippier and action-oriented whereas season 1 compelled you to ponder on various questions like ‘What makes us humans, is it the emotions which we feel or the conscious to solve multiple mysteries?

So, get ready for another season of thought-provoking questions paired with spectacular action and story when Westworld arrives on HBO on April 22.

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