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What is Zerg Rush ? Zerg Rush Meaning ? Zerg Rush in Gaming ?

What is Zerg Rush

Zerg rush is a terminology used in various real-time strategy games (RTS) to delineate a forceful attack by a player in opposition to his rival, usually early in the game.
StarCraft” is a military science fiction media franchise Game which popularized the term, Zerg Rush. The Zerg is one of the most playable race in the game which has the aptness to quickly create small and cheap provoking units called zerglings in a short interval of time, allowing the player to conquer his opponent’s forces very early in the game.

VoStory explains Zerg Rush :

As the Game was popularised, the term Zerg Rush also continued to escalate and was finally recognized and registered under the Urban Dictionary on December 25, 2004. Encyclopedia Dramatica also manifested other situations that described the term. It is now used to mark out any state in a game where a small group of powerful units or players are overwhelmed by weaker ones through sheer numbers.

Zerg Rush

With its increasing popularity, Google made a playable easter egg that is activated by typing “zerg rush” into the search bar. If you search the term Zerg Rush in Google, then all the O’s in the word Google begin to shallow up all the search result if not clicked quickly. If you don’t click on any of the results then all the O’s will forms up a structure as shown in the image above.

So, that all about the term Zerg Rush, We do recommend you to search the term once on Google. You will like it.

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