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Dice Media Releases Hilarious What The Folks Season 2 Trailer

Dice Media has been setting the field of web series on fire with its simple yet engaging content. The unique thing about their various shows is that you can easily watch them with your family without worrying about the explicit content. Because this Dice Media was able to get a deal with Netflix for their highly popular series Little Things. Now, they are set to release the second season of What the Folks series.

The first season of Dice Media’s “What the folks” brought in phenomenal response. The most exciting part of season 2 is the exclusive cast, senior actors Shishir Sharma and Renuka Shahane joining Veer Rajwant Singh (Nikhil) and Eisha Chopra (Anita).

What The Folks Season 2 Trailer

In the first season of What The Folks!, we saw the Sharma family warm up to their son-in-law, Nikhil Solanki and form an everlasting bond. But in  What The Folks season 2 Dice Media takes us to the Nikhil’s side of the family and it will depict the way in which the family will come together to navigate a certain crisis.

What to expect from What The Folks Season 2:

The recently released trailer gives a good glimpse of the upcoming season which is filled with hilarious misunderstanding, awkward encounters and many crises that we will get to see and how the Solanki family face all these and come out strong. By the end, they all realize no problem is big till you have your family at your support.

The first episode of What the Folks season 2 shall be out on 17th October 2018 amidst the festive season. Go out watch for it and stay tuned in for more updates about the same.

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