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Whats app business Registration with landline number;Guide with images

Whats app business Registration !!

Facebook owned WhatsApp is one of the popular social media apps with almost 1.3 Billion of users. People all over the world are using this app for being in touch with family members, colleagues and friends. But today, company officially launched WhatsApp Business App, aimed at small businesses, but in selected countries for now.

What’s new in WhatsApp Business?
This new app is aimed for small businesses, allows the companies to establish their business profiles by just filling some basic informations like description of the company, email and address. People will be able to easily recognize these types of business accounts and also the authenticated accounts will get green tick token, it works same, as a Facebook page.

WhatsApp will provide a number of tools benefits to these accounts, which will help in managing account and in increasing business boundaries on progression. Tools like “Quick Replies”- send automatically answers to the FAQs (frequently asked questions), “Away Message”- send automatic answers to customers, telling you are busy, and “Greeting Message”- an automated reply to welcome the users and introducing them about the business, all these will help to handle the account easily.

However ,One of the first muddle that arose at the launch of the app was about the phone number to use with WhatsApp Business. Generally, the number used to handle business in-app business is often the same for personal contacts. But this new business app does not allow users to use the same number for the WhatsApp Business and to the regular application. One exit is to have another chip to use the app, but there is also another alternative use a landline.

For those who already have a commercial contact with a fixed number it is even more practical. So Here’s

How to use WhatsApp business with landline number ;

1. The first step is to download and install the What business app ,if you haven’t already. DOWNLOAD NOW.
Whatsapp business Registration

2.After download the app open it and allow the access to your contacts, and media by clicking on Agree icon.
Whatsapp business Registration
3. Now, It will ask you to enter your number ,so you just enter your landline number and don’t forget to mention your country or region code. For further process to take place Tap NEXT.
Whatsapp business Registration4.Now, screen with confirmation option to receive SMS will appear ,it usually detects automatically ,but here we are taking of the landline number , So we recommend you to opt for call Me option.
Whatsapp business Registration6. Now enter the six digit code to Validate your account. After the verification just follow further steps to setup your account by entering your company details. To upload the profile image is optional ,but we do recommend you to upload a pic as it give a professional look.

NOTE:: The company name should be entered very carefully because you may not be able to change it once entered.

That’s all you need to do!
So, this was a guide to Whats app business Registration with your landline number. Now you can easily use whats app for growing your business as well as maintaining your personal and business life separately. The whats app Business app can also be used on your another cell phone number , if you don’t have the fixed landline number.


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