Friday, July 1, 2022
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Whatsapp’s servers got a break-down for 30 minutes.

Whatsapp’s Server Break-Down

Whatsapp got a another break down around the world on the NEW YEAR arrival. People around the world who use Whatsapp for chatting and sending wishes got a big hit, as they were not able to do so. Even the internet connections were healthy. This is mainly because of high traffic density on the server.

Whatsapp has gone down

England, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, USA, India were among the countries where most complaints came from. People are tweeting around the world that Whatsapp Servers are down.

I personally, was not able to send the message to any of my friends. Sad! 🙂

Soon, WhatsApp confirmed the outage and apologized without citing a reason. This was the 4th WhatsApp outage in the last 6 months and 2nd on a New Year’s eve since 2015.

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