Ultra Shorts have been making waves on the digital front with its short movies for quite long now. Names like Anurag Kashyap, Tapsee Pannu, have starred in short movies produced under this banner. A few months back they entered into the web series domain with ‘Rise’, and now they are here with new web series titled ‘What’s Your Status’ to grab millions of eyeballs that are browsing through the net in search of good content. The series stars Abhay Mahajan, Naveen Polishetty, Manjot Singh, Plabitha Borthakur, Anisha Victor and Megha Burman. Let’s find out Is What’s Your Status worth your time or not? Does it offer something unique in this ever-expanding sea of web series(What’s Your Status Review)?

What’s Your Status Story –

The story of the series revolves around three young guys living in the urban cities and dealing with the situations thrown in front of them because of different relationship status. The unique thing about the series is that the life of all these major characters is not connected to each other which gives a new twist to it. All three of them residing in different cities going through different phases of life. The series showcases three types of relationship status through the medium of leading heroes. Balu is the Single one pursuing his MBA and like any other regular guy looking for love in the hustle of college life. TJ aka Teejkiran is the committed one who works in an IT company, and we get to see how he juggles between his work & girlfriend. Then we have got Bharat who is married to his college sweetheart and is leaving “Happily Married life” in Gurgaon.

What's Your Status ReviewThe series is entirely targeted towards the young audience who can connect with one of these three very quickly. This very connection and simplicity of the story make it a pleasant watch. Each of the storylines is directed by different directors and bringing these seemingly unconnected stories together is a humongous task for even the mainstream cinema. The execution of the show makes this seen before script or scenarios refreshing one, and soon you will find yourself engrossed in it.

What’s Your Status – What Makes It Worth Your Time?

The new concept of unconnected stories taking place adjacent to each other makes it worth the watch. Then on top of it, there is a simple storyline with which audience tends to develop a connection. It is filled with good humour, and a little bit of emotion sprinkled here and there. All three leading actors with their better halves deliver a stupendous performance.

However, there are few scenes in the series that win your heart instantly. One of them is Naveen Polishetty’s 5 min monologue regarding the work ethics in IT company. The monologue has gone viral and is already doing circles on the net. Talking about the leading ladies, Anisha Victor wins your heart with her charming smile and Megha Burman as the wife has also done pretty fantastic work. Series is undoubtedly worth your time in which you will get to see a glimpse of yourself or your love in various characters. (What’s Your Status Review)

What’s Your Status – What Makes It Blahh?

There are few flaws in the series first being the storyline of Manjot which is little less entertaining for the first three episodes, hope it picks up the pace in remaining ones. The editing could have been crisper making the transition between stories frictionless. (What’s Your Status Review)

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