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WhatsApp Business App officially launched in selected markets

Facebook owned WhatsApp is one of the popular social media apps with almost 1.3 Billion of users. People all over the world are using this app for being in touch with family members, colleagues and friends. But today, company officially launched WhatsApp Business App, aimed at small businesses, but in selected countries for now. 

Source- WhatsApp

What’s new in WhatsApp Business?

This new app is aimed for small businesses, allows the companies to establish their business profiles by just filling some basic informations like description of the company, email and address. People will be able to easily recognize these types of business accounts and also the authenticated accounts will get green tick token, it works same, as a Facebook page.

Source- WhatsApp

WhatsApp will provide a number of tools benefits to these accounts, which will help in managing account and in increasing business boundaries on progression. Tools like “Quick Replies”- send automatically answers to the FAQs (frequently asked questions), “Away Message”- send automatic answers to customers, telling you are busy, and “Greeting Message”- an automated reply to welcome the users and introducing them about the business, all these will help to handle the account easily, so no problem, if you don’t have a team dedicated to manage accounts. Also the account owners can check out the number of message received and other statistical data, to find if its working or not. And like normal WhatsApp messenger user will be able to access their account on web version, on a desktop.

While the new app is only aimed at small businesses for now, company also indicated, not strongly, the app will later expand to cover big businesses also, on a global reach like e-commerce sites, garment companies, and others.

The new WhatsApp Business App got introduced before it’s worldwide launch. The app is free to download and only for Android, but available only for users of the US, the UK, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico. This is weird as company didn’t launch the app in India, which company itself mentioned is a big market, with millions of active users.

Company also mentioned in their blog based on Morning Consult’s study.

“Over 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil say WhatsApp helps them both communicate with customers and grow their business today .”

It’s not a big issue, that company didn’t launch the app for main market, as company confirm that in coming weeks, it will be available all over the world.

WhatsApp Business AppDownload Now*

Note*-(only available for the US, the UK, Mexico, Italy and Indonesia on 19th January, 2018)

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