Whatsapp Suspicious Link Detection feature added in new Android Beta

In an ongoing fight to curb spread of false information on its platform, the Whatsapp Suspicious link detection feature was introduced. The feature now adds a red tag on messages that contain suspicious links.


The feature comes right after a series of new updates Whatsapp pushed to curb spreading of false info and spam. Earlier this month, the Indian Government warned Whatsapp about the spread of false information on the messaging app. Since then, Whatsapp has taken many steps to stop this. It introduced a “Forwarded” tag to show people that the message originated somewhere else. Then it introduced a w to curb any spammer while you are working on another app. With the Whatsapp suspicious link detection, the security of messages will be a bit stronger.

whatsapp suspicious link detection

The feature seems to work fine with a suspicious looking link. When you receive a suspicious link, a red tag reading “suspicious” appears above the text. Not just this, when you try to access the link, Whatsapp warns you. It gives you an option to go back or open the link anyway. Many websites use ASCII characters of other languages to pose as a different website. This feature will curb the spread/use of those links.

But it is the achilles heel of the feature too. It works only locally and scans only for weird ASCII symbols. If a link uses standard symbols but is still still suspicious, it will go undetected. Still, a lot of clutter will be filtered out. The Whatsapp Suspicious Link detection may not be accurate, but it works for a lot of use cases. Maybe someday we will get a proper link filter. Till then, this is our only option.


The feature is currently available on Whatsapp Beta 2.18.221. It is only available for Android for now. The feature will roll out soon when the developers have ironed out all the issues with it. Want to share your thoughts about the Whatsapp Suspicious Link detection? Comment below!

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