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WhatsApp Web Calling feature coming soon for PC & iPad

Communication has seen advancement through decades from landline calling to calling from portable mobile phones. The launch of Android, given rise to revolutionary apps allowing to call through the app via using the internet. In PC, this feature was revolutionized by Skype allowing you to make calls through the internet without the interruption of mobile phones.

Currently, WhatsApp only allows you to make calls to your loved ones through an app, but soon you will be able to make calls through the desktop version of WhatsApp known as “WhatsApp Web”. This feature will also work with the WhatsApp for iPad.

WhatsApp Web is an online client for WhatsApp which allows to do conversation with your contacts having WhatsApp in their phone. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in India.

With this feature, you will be able to make calls to your WhatsApp contacts with the WhatsApp Web as you can currently do in Skype and Hangouts.

WhatsApp Web Calling feature

This news was confirmed by the popular Whats App blog ” WABetaInfo on their twitter handle. This feature is currently in development and testing phase. In coming few months we will two important feature in WhatsApp – WhatsApp desktop calling and Whats App money transfer. WhatsApp money transfer is already available for limited users in India and will roll in coming weeks after the completing testing of this new feature will be completed.

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