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Fortnite Cube Mystery: Where Is Fortnite Cube Going And Where It Is Currently?

Fortnite seasonal theme and the pre-seasonal changes make it different from the other Battle Royale game. Fortnite Season 6 is only two weeks ahead and before that, a Cube has put everybody in a mystery after its sudden appearance and movement on the map.

This Cube is the biggest mystery ever in the Fortnite. It is roaming on the map with leaving anti-gravity domes on some location. Its movement’s direction is also a rising curiosity among players and I think that it will not stop until a new pre-seasonal chaos in the game. So, until that moment let’s take a look where this Cube in Fortnite now and where it is heading.

Where Is Fortnite Cube Now? Fortnite Cube Location

Thanks for the Fortnite admirer and a Twitter user @siloleaks who has been keeping the track of the Cube’s movement daily with dot-to-dot images.According to it, today’s location of the Fortnite Cube can be found below and it looks like it is going toward Dusty Divot for time being.

Fortnite Cube


Where Is Fortnite Cube Going?

Even for the data miners, predicting the Fortnite Cube’s movement is not easy. But, according to the prevailing theories on Reddit, the Cube will roam around the map and end up at the loot lake to trigger some event.

This theory is getting support from the leaked information from @FNLeak  on Twitter. According to the data mined files, cube’s movement update are showing “MoveToLake” and then “TurnOn”:

Fortnite Cube

A recent discovery of Fortnite mobile players has provided a way of predicting Fortnite Cube’s movement and future location. So, according to the theory, we have cube’s future moment and its final place.

Fortnite Cube

So, this is all for today’s post on Fortnite Cube location and future. If you have some other theory to predict the cube’s final location then share with us.

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