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Will Smith Starrer ‘Bright’ Review!! Is The Movie Bright or Not?

Will Smith & Joel Edgerton Starrer ‘Bright’ could have been Great!!

The year 2017 gave us the mix of excellent and terrible movies. Some movies like Get out, Shape of The Water were the real gems which focused on different aspects of life and society. Near the end of 2017, we got our selves Will Smith and Joel Edgerton starrer ‘Bright‘ a Netflix original movie. From the trailer, it looked like just another action movie with sci-fi mashed into it. However, the film has much more to offer than action as it focuses on the issue of racial discrimination.

Story –

The film is set in the alternate reality city of Los Angeles where humans co-exist with orcs, elves, and fairies. LAPD police officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is the first human cop having the orc police officer Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) as a partner. One morning while on duty Ward is shot by an orc on the busy street while Jakoby is getting a burrito. Later Jakoby follows the orc however he is not able to catch him. Then the questions are raised that he let his fellow orc runaway. This spurs out the tension between the two main characters. The movie feels like a buddy cop movie which is dealing with serious issues.


During another patrol, Ward and Jakoby arrest a man that tells them about a prophecy and Ward is blessed. The magic department of FBI interrogates the same man and finds out he is a member of the terrorist group named Shield of Light who is preparing for the return of Darklord. Same night both the officers Nick & Ward stumble upon Shield of Light safehouse where they unearth the elf named Tikka in possession of magic wand. After this point movie spirals out as humans, orcs and elves all are ready to kill each other for the possession of the wand.

To me, magic wand served as a metaphor for power and money as we humans in present-day be it from different races are ready to kill each other over it. The plot of the movie is undoubtedly exciting but with little errors here and there otherwise it would have made a great watch.

Direction –

David Ayer is back in the director’s chair, his earlier release last year ‘Suicide Squad‘ didn’t go well with both the audiences and critics. However, Bright is quite an improvement over that as in this characters are more streamlined and the story focuses on various points. Still, I feel that he is not able to match the brilliance of his most known work ‘End of Watch’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal. He has beautifully captured an alternate reality in his camera and makes it quite enjoyable. But, in the beginning, screenplay seems rushed and it might take some time for a viewer to get the feel of big picture behind it.

Acting –

Oh boy!! It feels good to see Will Smith at its best on the big screen. Because I think he is the one actor who gets into the skin of character if he loves it. Last time I saw him acting that well was in movie ‘Concussion’ where he played the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu. Joel Edgerton is pure bliss to watch covered in all that orc makeup and guy surely packs a punch in this one. Apart from these two characters, every other character is on the screen to just fill the space rather than adding something unique to the script. The antagonist played by Noomi Rapace troubles both the two actors to some extent, but you can anticipate that they will overcome her easily.


As we know that Bright 2 has been greenlit, I would hope that David Ayer focuses on other characters to add more depth to the movie.

Music –

The background score of the movie is somewhat ok and doesn’t add much to the story. It is easily forgettable, and even after watching the movie last night I don’t remember the single tune.

Final Verdict –

Bright is a one-time watch movie which has an exciting plot and deals with issues like racial discrimination. However, because of weak execution of the script and less depth in the characters other than the leading ones, makes it a guilty pleasure movie. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton inevitably make the film an enjoyable watch and chemistry between these two is just perfect. I enjoyed it on the whole but in the end felt little incomplete and wanted it to be something more.

With Bright 2 on cards, David Ayer and the team can learn from the mistakes they made in this one and make the second one a great movie which has much more to offer in the world where humans, orcs, and elves deal with different shit.

Rating – 3/5 stars


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