How to win Competitive 6v6 Elimination on Castillo in Overwatch

In Overwatch competitive play, winning a match is not an easy task. Players have to use a combination of offensive and defensive measures against opponents to pull off a victory. But, if you’re playing 6v6 elimination match on Castillo, you can surely get a win in every single match as claimed by a Reddit user, u/andygmb. So, let’s look at how he can easily win competitive 6v6 elimination on Castillo.

How to win competitive 6v6 elimination on Castillo in Overwatch

Here’s how to win Competitive 6v6 Elimination every single time on Castillo! from Overwatch

Wrecking Ball as his champion, he aimed for the area on the right side of passage on the first floor of the tower in front of Guillermo Portero’s statue and swung around it toward the left to bump off an enemy from the edge. Just after that he performed piledrive above the edge to send an opponent flying to thirst him with quad cannons.

After elimination, he hooked another spot highlighted in the video and wrap around left to bump another opponent off the stairs following by spraying with cannons to get an elimination.

u/andygmb has demonstrated this method in some real scenarios also, so you can easily get a win in real time scenarios.


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